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... supplying healthy enzymes that are also involved in the process of making hormones. Pregnenolone also helps to insure healthy enzyme activity, thus prolonging the body's ability to make it's own pregnenolone. ...
Thursday, 16 August 2012
... abundance of some substances. As it turns out we can get close to a proper balance of resources for the body by simply eating food the way that God created it. It contains enzymes, bacteria, biotics, ...
Thursday, 12 January 2012
3. Effective Overeating
...  protein (a balanced blend of amino acids) is very important for proper body function. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Protein does almost all the work of the body. Enzymes, which are ...
Monday, 28 February 2011
... using enzymes in the mouth.  Chewing also triggers the stomach to recognize that food is coming and to start preparing the acids and enzymes it needs for digestion.  Also chewing allows our taste buds ...
Tuesday, 11 January 2011
5. Coconut Sugar & Sucanat
... hasn't been heated above body temperature, and so still has live enzymes and other beneficial nutrients that help to build health. However if you are going to cook or heat something and must have added ...
Thursday, 16 December 2010
6. Word Of Wisdom DOs
(LDS/WoW Do List)
... in season.  Fresh and raw is nearly always the best ways to consume these things.  They are filled with wonderful enzymes and vitamins and minerals to help the body function well. Meat Next comes the ...
Thursday, 21 October 2010
7. Cancer Tips
(Quick Tips/Cancer)
... amino acids to build protein and enzymes to balance all kinds of bodily functions. Finally, the biggest indicator of how well people recover (or don't) from cancer is attitude and having a purpose in ...
Thursday, 21 October 2010
8. Balance
... is so complex that the our bodies can apparently make about 23,000 different amino acids from it.  These can be used as the body sees fit as building blocks, enzymes to break stuff down, signaling devices, ...
Monday, 04 October 2010
9. Vegetables
... good properties (vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, etc.).  Of course some vegetables are much easier and more palatable to eat if they are cooked first.  Steaming them is the best way to cook most vegetables.  ...
Thursday, 09 September 2010
10. Fruit
Fruit is a very important food source. The great thing about fruit is that it tastes like dessert.  It has lots of fiber, and plenty of enzymes and vitamins. Fruit can be fun, and it's easy to get ...
Monday, 16 August 2010
11. Food Basics
... dead foods. Why is that?  Because real food (as God made it) has all the necessary resources for the body to use it optimally.  Real food contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bacteria, germs and so ...
Monday, 16 August 2010
12. Phytates : Good or Bad?
... broken down by certain enzymes and food processing. For instance yeast fermentation in making bread dough breaks down phytates. Also sprouting grains, and seeds breaks down the phytates. Even soaking ...
Thursday, 18 March 2010
13. Fructose Discoveries
... that is eaten as part of a whole food, doesn't seem to cause these problems. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phyto-nutrients, and anti-oxidants found in whole foods keeps the fructose from causing ...
Wednesday, 17 March 2010
14. Agave Nectar : Uh Oh!
... by boiling it down for a couple of hours. The agave nectar found in our stores is processed from the starches from the agave root bulb. It is broken down with enzymes and chemicals, and ends up having ...
Tuesday, 02 March 2010
15. Bone Health : Naturally
... need the exercise the most. Now let's go back and think about those calcium pumps for a minute. If your pumps are not working as well as the should be, then you probably aren't getting the enzymes ...
Tuesday, 09 February 2010
16. Chew On This
... pieces, giving it more surface area to be worked on by the other digestive fluids. Not to mention that it makes swallowing easier and safer. It also causes enzymes to start flowing. They flow into ...
Tuesday, 29 September 2009
... which regulates the crucial respiratory enzyme, cytochrome oxidase. Although the fish oils are less effective inhibitors of the enzymes, they are generally similar to the seed oils in their ability ...
Monday, 24 August 2009
...  They have a multitude of functions in the human body. They are building blocks for muscle, and the structure of every cell in your body. They are also enzymes and signalers and messengers. They ...
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
19. Wheat For Man?
... than the wheat grains. As wheat grass grows it pulls the nutrients from the soil and becomes an even better source of minerals and enzymes. The gluten stays in the grain seed, and as long as you harvest ...
Saturday, 24 May 2008
20. Milk: Good or Bad?
... lots of beneficial bacteria that is very good for digestion as well as enzymes that are healthy for the whole body. Heat kills not only bacteria but also the enzymes and the vitamins. That is why milk ...
Monday, 28 January 2008

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