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... be worthy of note that chlorogenic acid if taken in concentrated doses, like in a green coffee bean extract, can increase the chances of developing respiratory related allergies. Eat good whole natural ...
Monday, 20 May 2013
2. Pets and Allergies
(Science/Good Science)
... for investigating the link, but it also have some limitations that make it difficult to conclusively state that childhood pet exposure reduces the later risk of allergies. Only about half of those eligible ...
Tuesday, 14 June 2011
3. Gluten Intolerance
... They are convinced this proves how bad grains are for them.  It only proves how much their digestive systems have been compromised. Most of these people don't have celiac disease, or wheat allergies.  ...
Tuesday, 22 March 2011
4. Word Of Wisdom DOs
(LDS/WoW Do List)
... clogging up the works and depleting energy and resources.  Because of this doctors and nutritionists have identified these grain based products as being a major cause of allergies and disease in the human ...
Thursday, 21 October 2010
5. Toxins
... Aspartame and Splenda)(Toxic in any amount) 7. Additives such as MSG (MonoSodiumGlutamate, a neurotoxin) and Carrageenan (a cause of allergies) 8. Anti-inflammatory drugs (over the counter pain medicines) ...
Tuesday, 05 October 2010
6. Grains
... are the staff of life, a basic requirement for human health. Some say grains will give you allergies. Some say grains will aid digestion. Some say grains will change your pH. Some say grains will ...
Monday, 16 August 2010
... reaction so that you tend to think you may be allergic to coconuts, simply because you got a rash. Bye the way, allergies to coconut oil are so rare that even those diagnosed with an allergy may not ...
Friday, 20 November 2009
... more holistic for itchy eyes due to seasonal allergies. I am sick of taking bendadril and then caffine to wake up! All I could find online was cucumber slices on my eyes and that worked great til I took ...
Monday, 29 June 2009
9. Wheat For Man?
... avoid wheat. One of the most identified allergies is to wheat gluten. Why is this? Well, unfortunately most wheat consumed in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is processed and refined wheat. It has ...
Saturday, 24 May 2008

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