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Grow A Garden

Grow A Garden

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In conferences the brotheren have told us many times to grow a garden.

This is wonderful counsel for so many reasons.

It of course helps us to understand much more of the scriptures in reference to the law of the harvest and so forth.

It is also fantastic health advice.  The best source of healthy food to eat is a garden where you grow your own food.

You can grow your own food without any pesticides.  You can eat it freshly picked from the garden without shipping problems.

Working in your garden is also great exercise with the wonderful advantages for your body of fresh air and sunshine, and any extra food you produce can be used to make you a better neighbor (give it away).

You also get another lesser known advantage from working a garden.  You get soil organisms that have been found to be important to human health.

Food that is mass produced and then washed and sterilized lacks those important elements.  We are a part of nature and we need to partake of it to be the best we can be.  The more we buffer ourselves from nature, the more problems we have.

Oh, sure, rinse the dirt off of your veggies, but don't try to sterilize them, and don't worry if a little dirt remains.  The soil is not dangerous in and of itself.

People who live in sterilized conditions have many health problems, because they are divorced from nature.  Let your kids play in the dirt outside.  Don't use antibacterial soaps.  Learn the important lesson that bacteria is not our enemy.  It is in fact an important part of life.

Get back to nature, and enjoy life. It will also help you to get back to the God of nature.  Grow a garden of your own, and count your blessings.


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