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One Great Whole

One Great Whole

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All truth must come together to make a full circle of logical connectedness.

Some people would try to convince you that there are some truths from science and some truths from God, and that it is OK that they don't always coincide, because one is earthly and one is spiritual, and they are simply different.

That is a falsehood!  There is only one truth.  And once we understand all truth we will see that it does all come together in total unity.  Temporal and spiritual are firmly connected.

As we study and learn things we have a great tool to help us learn the real truth.  We simply compare it to the other truths that we have already learned from the prophets of God.

If it disagrees with God, it isn't true.  If it is popular, but disagrees with God, it still isn't true.

If we learn a theory that fits in with all the sayings of God, but the prophets don't comment on it.  It might be true, but it might not.

These are the kinds of theories that we have to be careful with.  Our tendency is to say that they must be true since they fit in with the other things that we have learned, but since so many of the things that we have learned do not get commented on by the prophets, we cannot set them in stone.

Always keep in mind that the ideas and philosophies of men are only that.  Many good LDS people are being led astray by following the dogma of the world.  Even some of the elect are being deceived.

After studying the creation of the bible, and why it is that many of the plain and precious things got left out.  It appears that the 'Great and Abominable Church' may be the academic mind set.  The pride and arrogance of our own ability to think.  Our institutionalized sciences in these latter days seems to be doing all they can to deny the existence of God, and lead souls away from God.

Don't become a victim of this movement.  If science tells us something that doesn't agree with the word of God, throw it out.  Look for science that agrees with God.  There is lots of it out there, just look around a little.

Of course it doesn't scream out at you, you have to look around and read and study and think and compare.  Some of the science that agrees with God is put forth by people who either don't believe in God, or are not sure about God.  And yet they stumble across things that agree with God, simply because they are looking for truth.

At other times you will come across people claiming that their science agrees with God, but upon deeper reflection it does not.

I am pointing these things out to help keep us mindful of them.  Don't get caught up in the praise and the glory of the world.  Be mindful of which things we learn are the philosophies and ideas of man, and which are actually backed up by the word of God.

Never put full faith in man made theories.  Question and seek answers while studying the scriptures and praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ, and listening to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

OK, a quick example of this concept.  It has become common knowledge in our world today that the world evolved to it's current state of being over millions and millions of years.  The problem is, it simply isn't true.

The scriptures clearly tell us that the world was created in 6 time periods, and Moses (a prophet of God) clearly states (through the prophet Joseph Smith Jr.) that each of those time periods was a thousand years.

In fact to make sure that we know these things the Lord has given the Latter-Day Saints three witnesses of the creation of the world.  Genesis, Moses, and Abraham.

Unfortunately many saints have gotten caught up in this knowledge of the world and try to twist the scriptures to say that maybe it could have been millions of years.  Instead they should trust God and look for better science.

All science (and there is lots of it) that shows how the world could be more than 20,000 years old is seriously flawed, and yet for some reason we have over looked the flaws and accepted these ridiculous theories because we have been told to by academia.  But everyone who actually studies these therories knows they have serious flaws, and don't work.

Better science does exist that can easily show how the world could very easily have come to it's present state of being in less than 10,000 years.

Try for starters.  Read his synopsis, and then start reading in archives of articles.

Bottom line: Trust God.  All truth can be fit into one great whole.  And eventually must be.


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