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Electrical Basics

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Basic Electrical Connections

The human body is made of elements.  Chemistry tells us that all elements are made up of electrons and protons.  Energy applied to these elements can change them in various ways.  They can be moved, or shaken, or even be morphed into some other element.  Molecules of the elements can be combined in different configurations, and take on different frequencies, or vibrations.

So does electricity affect the human body?  Absolutely!  How much, and in what ways, are the harder questions.

Of course we know that getting zapped by lightning can kill a person, but on the other hand, sometimes it doesn't.  There is even one forest ranger who has been hit by lightning seven times, and yet seems to be no worse for the experience.

We know that electromagnetic energy can be used to heat the body.  And that can be good, but it can also be bad.

Very high frequencies (radiation) can burn and destroy tissue.  Low frequencies can actually disrupt communications.

Far infra-red frequencies can penetrate 2 to 4 inches into the body and help with healing.  The human body puts out infrared energies, perhaps that is one of the reasons we get such good feelings from hugs and handshakes.

It has been shown that cell phones held up to the ear can cause heating in the brain.  How harmful that may or may not be is still being debated.  But we know that high dose radiation can kill cells directly, that is why it is used in cancer therapy.  We also know that X-rays (high frequency electrical waves) cause measurable damage.

There are also devices that have been created that seem to mitigate the effects of at least some of these electrical waves. For instance the Q-link has been shown to keep the brain from getting overheated by cell phone use.  Fascinating!

There has even been some interesting studies done on the vibrational frequencies of common objects.  One researcher says that stuff that comes out of the earth (veggies, fruit, spring water, etc) have vibrational frequencies that are healthy for the human body.  However after we have processed those things, they are generally moved to lower vibrational frequencies that are detrimental to the human body.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is one of the ways that science studies these vibrations.  It is fascinating, but there is still much we don't know about it.  Just as with any other measurement  we make in science there are different assumptions made to arrive at our conclusions, and it can be very difficult to know how good those assumptions really are.

However we have seen that walking barefoot on the earth allows the body to interact directly with the electrical (and/or magnetic) fields of the earth.  It seems to energize and invigorate the body while simultaneously being calm and relaxed. (Sounds great doesn't it?)  Try it for yourself.

But of course the earths magnetic field (magnetic fields are always the results of electric currents) is much larger than the earth itself and many people have shown that they can re-energize themselves simply by putting themselves in the right frame of mind to "absorb" the earths energies (even if they are not barefoot).

There are many theories about how the electricity that is in, around, and through everything affects our health.  And many theories about how various forms of these electrical energies can be used to build or destroy health.

Be careful about the various machines and inventions being sold to improve your health from an electrical (energy) perspective. Most of them are very expensive, and there isn't a lot of actual science to show that they work.  Testimonials on a web page are very unreliable, and can be very misleading.

From the current research it appears that most of our everyday electrical appliances create a frequency that is negative to the human body.  Sitting in front of a computer all day, driving in a car, sleeping next to a digital clock, using a cellphone or other electronic gadget, can all contribute to interfering with our normal healthy body vibrations. This sets us up for disease conditions.

The cool thing is that as you study this stuff you find out that simply eating good wholesome foods and getting good wholesome exercise (including hugs) will help your body to make the most of it's electrical potential.  No fancy machines required.

However, if you have major health problems you can be more susceptible to the negative effects of some of the man made electrical fields that surround us every day.  For instance some people who sit under fluorescent lighting all day at work are negatively impacted. This is partly due to x-rays that come off the ends of the bulbs. (Discovered from plants grown under fluorescent lights.  The plants near the ends of the fixtures didn't grow very well at all.)  You can help to protect yourself from these kinds of effects, buy simply wearing a Q-Link. Or in the case of the fluorescent lights you can wrap lead tape (found in golf stores) around the metal ends of the tubes to block the x-rays.

As more research is done on these emerging technologies we will continue to review and report on them here at Garner Healthy Living.



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