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Cancer Tips

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Instead of finding a cure, why don't we just eliminate the cause?

What is the cause?

Simply stated cancer is caused by toxins, dehydration, poor digestion, compromised immune systems, and inactivity.

OK, so what if you already have cancer, how do you get rid of it?

Well, first off you have to eliminate the causes mentioned above.

The major toxins to beware of (besides the obvious poisons around us like cigarette smoke, drugs, etc.) would be microwaved food, and vegetable oils (particularly soy,canola, corn, and cottonseed).  These things are probably the major causes of cancer in our society.

The next group of major toxins to beware of (and eliminate of course) would be all added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and products made with bleached, and/or enriched flours.

The dehydration must be dealt with by drinking plenty of water that is free of chlorine or other chemicals (like fluoride).  However the water can not hydrate the body without minerals.  It is best to put a little real salt in each glass of water.

It is very important to use real salt that contains all the trace minerals from the oceans.  Trace minerals are important to the proper functioning of the human body.

The digestion can be aided by eating foods high in fiber and high in good bacteria.  A wide variety of vegetables can be very beneficial in this regard.  Also raw butter and raw milk are excellent.  Chewing food well before swallowing also goes a long way towards optimizing digestion.

Most people will think of yogurt or keifer when they think of getting good bacteria, but beware of the artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners that come in lots of those.  Also avoid products that use carrageenan, since that also causes digestive problems.

Long term infections are a common cause of cancers.  If you have infections in your teeth or ears that never seem to go away, try to get those cleared up as soon as you can.  They run down the immune system and keep it from having the strength that it needs to fight off cancer.  Swishing with coconut oil is a great way to fight infections in the mouth.

Compromised immune systems are helped immensely by taking care of digestive problems with good whole raw foods.  They say 70 percent of your immune system is in your gut.  Another help for the immune system would be to eat foods high in antioxidants.

Vitamin C, is one of the best antioxidants around and can be beneficial in large doses for cancer patients.  A good way to go is to increase gradually up to the bowl tolerance level and then back off a little.  As your health improves you will have to decrease the amount of Vitamin C taken to keep from getting diarrhea.  Powdered sodium ascorbate is a really good way to get vitamin C.  Divide the daily dose into 4ths and take it spaced four times through out the day, so that the body has a steady supply of vitamin C.

Another important body balancing food to eat would be wheat sprouts, and even whole wheat if your digestion can handle it.

Activity is the key to making everything work in the body, and is therefore very necessary.  If you are going through chemo and/or radiation your body can be severely depleted, but even so, try to do at least a tiny bit of exercise each day, or at least every other day.  Breathing deeply is one of the main keys, particularly in the case of cancer.  So even if you can't exercise, at least do some deep breathing everyday.  In fact it would be useful to breath deeply anytime you think about it.

Another great thing to do is to add spice to your meals.  Many spices have shown themselves to have anti-cancer properties.  A great one being studied by the drug companies as a source to make more drugs is turmeric.  I highly recommend using lots of turmeric in your cooking.  It goes great on rice, potatoes, eggs, etc.  Other cancer-fighting spices include cayenne pepper, garlic, and onions.

Turmeric helps cancer cells to commit suicide, and yet it does no harm to healthy cells.  Studies put a maintenance dose at around 500 milligrams daily, but if I had cancer I would go for a much larger dose like 4, 6, or 8 grams daily or even more.  There is no toxic level for turmeric, even doses of 12 grams a day have show no negative side effects.  The only concern would be that if you kill off too many cancer cells too fast you may over burden the bodies ability to clean out the dead cells.  So you would have to make sure that you are drinking lots of mineralized water to help flush out the dead and dying cells.  Turmeric is nature's chemotherapy without the nasty side effects.

Protein is essential for building a healthy body, but it must be free from toxins.  Most meat sold these days is full of toxins.  Unfortunately animals bodies tend to accumulate toxins, so when we eat them we get those toxins passed along to us.  Some of the safest places to get good animal proteins would be from organically grown grass fed beef.  Chicken eggs are actually also a very good source, just be sure to eat the whole egg.  Never separate white and yolk.

Raw milk from grass fed cows is also an excellent food with many benefits.  You not only get great protein, but you also get good bacteria to aid in digestion and immune function.

Wheat in it's whole form, without any processing, is perhaps the very best form of protein.  Not because of it's protein balance, but because of it's complex of building blocks that allow the body to create thousands of different amino acids to build protein and enzymes to balance all kinds of bodily functions.

Finally, the biggest indicator of how well people recover (or don't) from cancer is attitude and having a purpose in life.  Belief is huge in the treatment of disease.  Attitude can make all the difference.  So throw out any negative thoughts and avoid negative people.  Surround yourself with people (including yourself) who enjoy life, and believe that it will continue to get better.  People who love facing a challenge and conquering it.  People who have goals and dreams and strive to achieve them.

Prayer is also a very important part of that attitude.  Ask God to be on your side.  Tell Him your thoughts and desires.  Tell Him your worries, and them leave them at His feet.  Move forward and do the best you can do, striving to help yourself and your fellowman.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 April 2012 15:36

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