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Back & Neck

Back & Neck Tips

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Back and neck pains are very common in our society.  The question is how can we deal with it effectively and efficiently.

First off, do exercises that contribute to whole body movement and ideally work both sides of the body fairly evenly.

More specific tips:

Lay on the floor or bed and stretch your body out to be as long as possible.

Lay across your bed and allow your head to hang off the side of the bed for a few minutes.

To more fully get the spinal column back into shape crawl on your hands and knees across the floor.

Camel walks are another great way to do the same, and is easier on those with bad knees.  Camel walks are done by walking on your hands and feet with your bottom sticking up in the air.

Again, all joints and muscles do better if we are drinking plenty of water.  Most people walk around in a state of dehydration, thus not giving the body what it needs.  Drink a cup of water (with minerals) for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Specifically for the neck, do some neck exercises turning the neck in full range of motion.  Do it gently and slowly.  This includes not only turning to look in all directions, but also tilting the head to try to get the ear as close to touching the shoulder as possible.

The same thing goes for the back, it needs to be moved and exercised in all directions.

I also like back swing devices that slant or hang the body upside down, if used carefully.  Compression and decompression of the spinal column are both very important actions.  Exercises that do that are very advantageous.


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