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You will quite often see references on this website to toxins.  Perhaps we should define what toxins are.

The word "toxin" is from the latin "toxicum" meaning "poison".  So are we really talking about poison in the body?  Yes.

Toxins interfere with the bodies ability to keep itself in healthy balance.  The medical establishment only recognizes by products of metabolism to be toxins, but we want to catch it before that point, don't we?  If we don't ingest the things that give a negative outcome of metabolization, then we don't have those problems.  So lets consider the things that might enter our bodies and result in toxic situations.

In reality anything that we are exposed to in excess can become toxic to the body.  Drugs are toxic by their very nature.  They are concentrated forms of certain chemicals.  They are anti-balance.  Unfortunately most supplements do the same thing.  They are an over abundance of some particular nutrient and so they throw off the balance of the systems of the body.

We take many toxins into our bodies through cosmetics, perfumes, and fragrances.  In fact we live in such a chemical world today that it is hard to eliminate all toxins from our life style.  Even the chlorinated water we drink and shower in enters the body through the skin and can cause problems.  But if we are thoughtful and pay attention, we can eliminate many of these toxins from our environments.

Probably the easiest and most effective  way to eliminate toxins from our lifestyle is being aware of the toxins that are found through out our food supply these days.  Many of the things sold in stores for our consumption actually ends up being toxic to the body.  So, here I will share with you my elimination list.  This is designed to be a guideline for living a healthy lifestyle.  The more of these that you can eliminate from your life, the better off you will become.  Of course there are many other toxins, but these seem to be the most common trouble makers.

Elimination List: (Eliminate as many of these from your lifestyle as possible. No particular order.) Suggested alternatives are in italics.

1. White Flour (Dead food, like glue to the system, drains the body of nutrients) Grind your own.
2. Processed Sugar (Destroys immune function, and the body's ability to rebuild) Use Raw Honey.
3. Table Salt (even if the label says "Sea Salt") Redmond's RealSalt is good to use.
4. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS is toxic to the human body in any amount)
5. Hydrogenated Oils (any hydrogenated oil, even partially hydrogenated oils)(Toxic in any amount)
6. Artificial colors, flavors and sugars (especially Aspartame and Splenda)(Toxic in any amount)
7. Additives such as MSG (MonoSodiumGlutamate, a neurotoxin) and Carrageenan (a cause of allergies)
8. Anti-inflammatory drugs (over the counter pain medicines) Use eggs, wheat, Vitamin C, coconut oil, and water to control inflammation.
9. Drugs of all kinds. (This includes most supplements.) Instead use whole tonic herbs, or Vitamin C.
10. Soy products (toxic, deters protein digestion, depresses thyroid[growth], slows mineral absorption, plays havoc with hormones)
11. Microwaving Food (microwaved food is molecularly changed, and contributes to cancer)
12. Meats loaded with Hormones and Antibiotics (Most meat that you didn't grow or hunt yourself)(Also watch for Nitrates, another toxin)
13. Pasturized & Homogenized Milk (Store bought milk) Raw milk is very good for your health.
14. Chlorinated Water, Alcohol and Tobacco (of course)(toxins)
15. Most Processed Vegetable Oils, including Canola (toxins) Use Olive Oil or Coconut Oil instead.
16. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)(Nearly all corn or soy is GMO these days)

Once you eliminate these toxins from your lifestyle, you will have a much better lifestyle, and healthier too.

Why poison your body?  Eat good wholesome foods and drink clean water.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 March 2011 11:59

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