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Health is really all about balance.

If you can learn this lesson, it can make a huge difference in your life.

Remember that!  Health is all about balance!

Ok, now that I drove that point home, let's look at why.

There are many nutrients and many systems that all work together to build a healthy body, and to allow it to function optimally.

For the body to actually do things, and do them well, all the systems have to work together.

And guess what?  The human body is amazing in it's ability to adapt to challenges and re-balance itself when it get's thrown out of balance.

However, if we take stuff into our bodies that plug it up, or mess up the lines of communication, then things can get out of balance, and the body can have a tough time getting re-balanced.  When things are out of balance (messed up) we have disease.

So how do we keep from getting messed up, and how do we fix it if we already are messed up?

First, we need to understand that toxins are the things that mess us up. So, step number one is to eliminate toxins from your environment.

Easier said than done.  But the more toxins we can avoid, the easier maintaining health will be.

But, what if we are already messed up?  How do we get better?

We have to re-balance.  So how do we do that?

Well, first off we have to clear out as many toxins as we can, and stop taking in any more toxins.  But if those toxins have been around for a long time, we have to somehow restore the balance that has been lost.

We will talk more about toxins in another article. Now we need to talk about balance.

The major mistake made by both the medical community and the supplement manufacturers is that they like to pretend that they can micro-manage the balance in the body.  But unfortunately we don't have the knowledge to balance the human body.

We aren't even close.  We don't know how much of what nutrients we really need to balance the human body.  We can't even identify many of the nutrients that the body uses, not to mention that we don't know the proper amounts of each to get the correct interactions to do all the thousands upon thousands of operations that happen in the body.

Drugs and supplements are a concentration of some particular element, and so thus naturally cause in imbalance in the body.

Oh sure, some supplements and drugs are combinations of elements, but still they are in concentrated forms and not at all what the body would consider balanced.

Why do some drugs and/or supplements seem to work for some people?  Because they cause a reaction in the body that causes a change to some symptom.  Is that health? No!  The continued use of a supplement and/or drug, will always cause imbalance.

Even if there was some deficiency that a supplement helps to make up for, how do we know when to stop?  Remember that too much of something can be just as bad as too little.  We simply don't know enough to micro-manage the human body. It is far too complex, and we actually understand very little about it, no matter what some doctors or biologists may claim.  The good ones know we don't know much.

So what can we do?

The only things that we know of that balance the human body are the foods created by our creator.

Whole natural foods have the nutrients that the body needs.  We are still discovering new nutrients all the time from the foods we eat.  We don't know what the optimal combination of nutrients are for our bodies.  However, our bodies do.

Amazingly when we eat whole unprocessed foods (processing destroys nutrients) our bodies can use the parts that they want to build health and vigor.  And if we are exercising, and sleeping, and drinking plenty of water, our bodies can eliminate and flush out what they don't want.

No, we can't micro-manage the system, but our bodies can, if given the resources to do so.  We have discovered that not all foods contain all the needed nutrients for humans.  This is why it is important to eat a variety of good wholesome foods that are not processed, or filled with toxins.

We have discovered that one of the best foods to use to help the body balance multiple systems, is whole grains (particularly wheat).

Why? We don't know! Wheat is so complex that the our bodies can apparently make about 23,000 different amino acids from it.  These can be used as the body sees fit as building blocks, enzymes to break stuff down, signaling devices, etc.  We simply don't know what all the body does with all of it.  But from the things we can measure, we can see that it helps to balance many bodily functions, such as pH levels.

So, if health is all about keeping the body in balance (and it is), then it would be a good idea to use plenty of whole wheat, as well as other whole grains, along with whole fruits and vegetables.

Note: Remember that a package in a grocery store that says "Whole Wheat" on the label, usually is not.  We only want to use whole grains that we have soaked, or sprouted, or ground ourselves.

We need to allow our bodies to balance themselves, by giving them good resources, and the time and energy to do so.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 October 2010 11:11

Balance is Everything

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As one studies health and fitness, it becomes very evident that all things must be in balance. You can have too much or too little of any nutrient.

You can have too many free radicals, but you can also have too few. You can have too little iron, but you can also have too much. You can even have too little or too much arsenic.

So then the big question becomes, how do you find that balance?

Many would have you believe that taking drugs can help you reach that balance. It can not.

All man made drugs are anti-balance by their very nature. When you take something from nature that has been shown to be beneficial for health, and then you dissect it and decide that a certain part of it is the active part that you want to use, you have just destroyed the balance that existed in nature. By concentrating a particular part of a plant (which you have to do, if you are going to be able to patent the drug), you are creating something that will stimulate the body in an unnatural and imbalanced way. That is why all drugs have side effects.

It would be so much nicer to just create a list of the beneficial plants that we have discovered to help us be healthy. But you can't patent a natural plant, so you can't make an insane mark up of the price.

So if drugs aren't the answer, what about supplements?

Unfortunately most supplements are not much different than drugs. Yes, they will often have a lot fewer dangerous side effects than drugs, but sometimes not. You still have the same problem of taking a large dose of a particular thing. If supplements were really to work, you would have to constantly monitor your levels of the nutrient you are supplementing to see when you have enough, but not too much.

The problem with that is that we can't even agree on what the correct level of most nutrients is, not to mention the problem of constant testing to see when your levels are up or down. The other thing is that all the nutrients work together, synergisticly, to keep us functioning correctly. We don't even know what all the nutrients to the human body are, let alone how they all work together. We have some basic ideas, but it is nowhere near the point of being able to micromanage the nutrients in the body.

Another interesting observation is that the symptoms of having too much of something, are quite often pretty much identical to having too little of the same thing. So we don't really even know for sure.

Even blood tests can fool us, because somethings that we have too much of can be very low in the blood, because the body is storing it away elsewhere so that it doesn't have to deal with the overload. Other times, things that we are deficient in can show good levels in the blood while the body tries to rush them around to share in all the places they are needed. For example, when we are deficient, the body can be pulling certain nutrients from the bones to use in other body processes. So a blood test might show that those nutrients are plentiful in the blood.

The beautiful thing is that we don't have to try to micromanage everything. If we eat the things that the creator has made for us, they have a special ability, that we haven't even begun to understand yet, to balance all the systems of the body.

If you think you need a particular nutrient, (and again we really don't know if you do) just make sure that you are eating a variety of good nutritious food made by God. Of course, make sure that it is not processed by man to the point of destroying a lot of its balance. Fresh and raw are usually the best. Try to get something from all the major food groups each day.

The major food groups are : Whole unprocessed grains, vegetables, fruit, legumes and nuts, and carefully chosen animal products (think raw milk and eggs).

The other major keys to making everything balance are water, exercise and sleep. Without those three, the other nutrients can't even be used by the body.

Again, water is of paramount importance. Without adequate water the body cannot move nutrients around the body. Without water it cannot flush out the toxins and waste and keep the body clean. Also remember that your water needs to be mineralized. Use real mineral water fresh from the earth if possible, or put a dash of real sea salt (complete with all the trace-minerals) in the water you drink. If you are drinking sufficient quantities of water (one tenth of your body weight in pounds, cups of water a day) your body will be able to use what it needs and flush out what it doesn't need.

Balance is a natural thing for the body to do. We just have to give it the resources it needs, and not burden it to much with the toxins or overeating.



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