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Food Basics

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Food is something that we need and often crave.

The problem that exists in our modern world is that we don't seem to know what food and eating are all about.

Most people seems to think that eating food is just for fun, and that anything will work for food, as long as it satisfies and/or excites the taste buds.

We seem to have forgotten that food is supposed to be fuel for our bodies.

Just like a high-end sports car, if you want your body to run well, and have great performance, you have to give it high quality fuel.  You don't want to put anything in the gas tank that will gunk up the engine, or cause it to cough and sputter.

Have you ever heard a professional driver say, "Well, I'll just throw this sugar in the tank just this once.  It will be OK if I only do it this once." ?

I don't think so!

Unfortunately, our food industry has responded to our desires for what tastes good, with very little regard for what is good for us.  Then to assure that we keep eating what they are manufacturing, they add in little extras that help to addict us to their products.

In the process, our foods have become more and more addictive, but less and less nutritional.  You see, manufacturers have discovered that large quantities of products can be created fairly cheaply, with very long shelf lives, by destroying the living nutrition in the raw foods, and adding very cheap forms of processed sugars that will satisfy taste buds and make them crave more of the same.

Killing the food through various process, keeps them from breaking down and spoiling on the self.  This allows stuff to be in trucks and on shelves longer without going 'bad'.  Thus allowing more of the product to be sold.  Good deal for the manufacturers.  Not so good for the consumers.

You see, dead food isn't really food for the body.  Oh sure, the body can still use some it, and they do add a few vitamins back into the dead foods, so that they can call them 'enriched', but for the most part your body has a real struggle trying to process those dead foods.

Why is that?  Because real food (as God made it) has all the necessary resources for the body to use it optimally.  Real food contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bacteria, germs and so forth that allows the body to break down the food and use it as fuel and building blocks to power and repair and strengthen the body.

Dead food, because it lacks these essential elements of life, cannot be fully processed by the body and so it becomes a waste that the body has to deal with.  If the body doesn't have the resources it needs to deal with and eliminate that waste from the system, it will simply store it away, until such time as it may have the necessary resources to deal with the problem.

Most of these stores are put into fat.  Some become spurs and stones, in our joints or organs, and some just settles like sludge in various organs or cavities.

In other words, that is not what you want!

What you want is top of the line, high quality fuel to keep you racing strong no matter what life throws at you.

Rule of Thumb:  If it comes in a package, it probably isn't good for you.  If you grew it yourself in your garden, or you know who grew it and trust them, then it will probably be very good for you.

Now I realize that this makes shopping very different than what you may be used to.  In fact, I find it very hard to find good food in most grocery stores (except fresh local produce).  However, there are many alternatives to get good 'real' food to fuel your magnificent machine (your body).  Look around in your area and you will find these sources of good fuel.  If it takes you a while to find them, just use your local markets produce section exclusively for a while.  It can make a huge difference in your life.

Remember that health is all about balancing the systems of the body.  Real food, that is alive, has this balance, and can impart it to the body.  To learn more of specifics about the foods to eat, go back to the Basics->Food menu and click through the other choices there.

Last Updated on Monday, 16 August 2010 16:08

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