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Nothing Works Without Water

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Water is the lubricant and carrier that allows all motion to occur in the body.

Nutrition can't be distributed without water.

Toxins can't be expelled without water.

Blood doesn't exist without water.

These are fairly obvious facts, and yet most people are in a constant state of dehydration, because they don't drink water consistently or often enough.

The reason for this is that we have been told things that simply are not true about water.

We have been told that we can get plenty of water from juice or tea.  Some will even tell you that you get enough just from fruit and veggies.

We have been told that eight glasses a day is plenty.

These things simply are not true for most people.

Our bodies are made up mostly of water.  We are losing moisture constantly, through our skin, through breathing, and of course through urination and bowel movements.  Replacing that lost water is imperative to our well being.  How much water you lose in a given amount of time depends on many factors.  But the bottom line is that your body will try to keep functioning as long as it can on what ever amount of water it has.

This means that if you are dehydrated, instead of making more blood to do all the things that blood is supposed to do, the body will move what blood is does have from place to place in the body to allow the important functions to occur.  High blood pressure is actually the body trying to squeeze blood into the places it needs it, due to insufficient supply.

Instead of flushing toxins out of the body, which is what it would like to do, it will just store those toxins in fat, hoping that later on it will get enough resources to eliminate those toxins.  But without sufficient water to do the job, it just has to set them aside and pay more attention to keeping the heart supplied.

It takes water to get nutrition into cells.  It takes water to get toxins out of cells.  If that doesn't happen the cells just die.

Why doesn't drinking juice or tea help?

The body needs water that it can use, water that is already saturated with some other substance cannot dissolve and carry nutrients to feed cells, or toxins to eliminate them.  Most juices and teas actually contain substances that the body doesn't want, so it has to use the water that came with those products to flush them out of your system.

VERY IMPORTANT :  The body can not use water without minerals.

So how do you get clean water that also contains minerals?

Well it turns out that sea water has mineral content that fairly closely matches the mineral content of human blood.  So if you use a little real sea salt in the water you drink, it will be just what your body needs to do it's thing. You should not use so much that the water tastes salty.  Just small amounts in each bottle or cup.

BEWARE : Many products labeled as 'Sea Salt' have been processed and had most of the minerals removed.  You want real sea salt, that naturally contains over 70 different minerals.  I like 'Real Salt' from 'Redmond', but there are others.

So, how much water should you drink?

Well, it will vary according to your body and what your body is going through.

However, if you are feeling sick, or down, or need to lose some excess fat, my rule of thumb is to get a cup of water a day for every 10 pounds of body weight.

So if you weight 200 pounds, that would mean 20 cups of water in a 24 hour period. The trick is you have to actually count the cups of water you drink in a day.  I find that most peoples estimates of how much water they drink is much lower than they thought, when they actually start to keep track.

Now, an important thing to point out here is that if you have not been drinking much water, when you first start to increase your water intake, your body will not be used to using it.  It will flush much of it out, but as you continue to give your body plenty of water to do all the things it would like to do, you will gradually use the bathroom less and your body will feel better and better.

I suggest raising the amount of water that you drink gradually to let your body adjust.  Up it a another cup every 3 days or so and see how you do.


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