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Fish or Doughnuts? Which is worse?

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It's funny the things you hear from people who have been exposed to health advice from the major media outlets.  Recently a coworker was heard to say that eating cod fish could be as bad for you as eating doughnuts.  When asked to explain she said she had heard it from a radio show host.  This coworker is an intelligent lady with a nursing background.

I dug around a little to try to find the source of this information.  It turns out John Tesh had made reference to a report that found farm grown tiilapia to have higher amounts of omega-6 fats that some other fish.  The report went on to discuss how getting too much omega-6 fats could possibly be detrimental to your health.  It cited no studies actually showing this, it was all just conjecture.

There was no experiment to see if feeding tilapia fish to one group of people and some other fish with a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 oils to some other group of people would result in any difference in the health of the people studied.

Incidentally, cod fish has what is considered a "good ratio" of omega oils.

So, not only had the listener substituted a different kind of fish into the story, she had also done the equating it with doughnuts in her own head apparently from a random comment that the radio host made.  This kind of thing happens all the time and so it is important to be careful about the sources you get your health advice from.

But, lets take a look at the nutritional differences between cod fish and doughnuts, just for fun.

Here is a recipe for yummy glazed doughnuts:

  • 2 (.25 ounce) envelopes active dry yeast  [May contribute to yeast overgrowth]
  • 1/4 cup warm water (105 to 115 degrees) [Everyone needs water, right?]
  • 1 1/2 cups lukewarm milk [Pasteurized milk is not good.]
  • 1/2 cup white sugar [excess sugar will cause fat storage, and oxidizes cholesterol (not good)]
  • 1 teaspoon salt [typically comes with anti-caking chemicals that cause problems]
  • 2 eggs [Hey something good for you!]
  • 1/3 cup shortening [generally hydrogenated, causes hormonal imbalance]
  • 5 cups all-purpose flour [all purpose flour clogs up and burdens the body, causes nutritional deficiencies]
  • 1 quart vegetable for frying [vegetable oils are bad for you, fry them and they are even worse]
  • 1/3 cup butter [This is actually a healthy fat]
  • 2 cups confectioners' sugar [Even more excess sugar causing problems]
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla [Usually artificial, so not good]
  • 4 tablespoons hot water or as needed [More water]

So you can see that the doughnuts negatives outweigh the positives by quite a bit  Avoid them if you desire health.

Now lets take a look at cod fish.

  • It is a good source of complete protein. [Required for all healing and building in the body]
  • It is a good source for selenium, phosphorus, and potassium. [Important minerals for human health]
  • Also contains vitamins B3, B6, and B12. [Important for human health.]
  • Contains fish oils [Can be good or bad, depending on circumstances]
  • It is possible to get a tiny bit of mercury depending on how and where the fish grew. [Not good in large amounts]

It looks to me like the cod fish has the good stuff outweighing the negatives.

There really is no comparison of fish to doughnuts.  One is food, one is junk.  I hope you can tell which is which.

By the way, the report about fish oils being bad or good is also a result of bad science.  It should be noted that studies on omega-3 oils have been very misleading and misinterpreted.   Omega-3 oils are actually not "essential" and can actually cause health problems.  When consumed they should always be consumed with saturated fats, which keep them from doing their damage.  The best way to consume them of course would be in whole natural foods, so that you get all the important stuff that goes with them and allows them to be of use to the human body.  It is hardly ever a good idea to concentrate some part of a natural food and consume it in large quantities.  It will nearly always lead to imbalance in the body.

For more on Omega oils read this.



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Last Updated on Thursday, 26 April 2012 20:44

JC Tonic : Important Information

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How are you feeling?

Don't feel quite right?





Lost vitality?

Can't think clearly and fast?

Feel gloomy?

Tense and nervous?

Body lack suppleness?

Get abnormally tired?

Eyes tire quickly?

Often get over excited?

Anger too quickly?

Easily upset or frightened?

Abnormal appetite?

Digestive Problems?

Want to keep feeling and looking young?

Any of the above?

I've got the solution!

J.C. Tonic!  An amazing combination of 18 tonic herbs that gently push and pull the body systems into balance. (Including balancing alkalinity)

It even helps to balance the electromagnetic forces within the body.  Bipolar people seem to benefit tremendously.

J.C. Tonic cures nothing! J.C. Tonic is a catalyst to the cleansing of blood that helps the body to start the healing process. It wakes up sluggish blood and helps to balance all the endocrine systems of the body; Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroids, Adrenals, Pancreas, Gonads

It helps detoxify and oxygenate the blood allowing for better uptake of nutrition.

It also helps overcome addictions : salt, monosodiumglutamate (MSG), caffeine, aspartame, alcohol, drugs, etc.  Cravings fade away

With all the endocrine glands functioning properly hormones become balanced naturally.

One lady actually had her falopian tubes grow back after using this tonic.


Order JC Tonic HERE.


For full understanding please read this in it's entirety.

Why do I recommend JC Tonic?

After my cancer diagnoses in 2004, I became a full time health researcher. I soon found that reports on health were often contradictory, with some reports in favor of certain substances and other reports against the same substances. So what is the truth? And where can it be found?

I recognized that if science were real then these studies can't all be correct. So I decided to look deeper. I started examining the actual papers written by the lab personnel and published in journals and registered in the government database. This was an eye opening experience.

I discovered that many reports have summaries that don't actually match the data. The experimenters simply wanted and expected to find a particular outcome and so they stated that as their conclusion even though the facts didn't back it up. In many cases the experiments were not even designed in such a way that the stated conclusion could be possibly confirmed. Often the assumptions made in translating the data into a conclusion where assumptions that could not be supported. In other words, there is just a lot of bad science out there. And some of it is dishonest on purpose, because it is only designed to be a sales ploy for some company to make money.

Even after 7 years of researching these things I'm still appalled by the kind of work that gets passed off as science in the various journals.

Then to make matters worse, some news outlet gets a hold of the study and hypes up a headline to help sell news papers. The reporters don't read the original study but just take the stated conclusion and combine that with their own assumptions and end up with a headline and story that has no real basis in fact. It turns out that much of the health news reported in the media is completely wrong.

The really sad part is that the people we expect to be the experts tend to get their news the same way we get ours. For instance medical doctors have no clue about human nutrition other than the little they have picked up from media. Nutrition isn't something taught in medical schools (other than perhaps a 2 hour lecture). Doctors don't have the time to look at the research behind health claims presented to them by media and pharmaceutical companies, they have to try and keep up with all the new drugs and their interactions and side effects, etc.

Supplement manufacturers on the other hand will latch onto any report that gives the appearance of favoring some substance that they can put in a bottle and sell to people. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that anything for sale is bad. It's just that you have to be careful when accepting the word of a salesman. Unfortunately the majority of people believe what is told them in the news, so this garbage becomes the prevailing “knowledge” in the health world. It is even taught in schools, and most nutritionists don't even learn what is true. What happened to critical thinking?

Overtime I came to realize that most supplements have a major flaw. They are unidirectional. This means that they can only push the body in one direction. For instance the herb Goldenseal will push the body to make more white blood cells whether it needs them or not. In other words supplements cause an increase in something. The problem is how do you know when the increase is too much? A Vitamin E supplement can be helpful if a person is deficient in Vitamin E, but if it is taken continually it builds up and causes an imbalance in the body in the other direction. The same is true of most any supplement. So what can you do?

Some people try to micromanage by constant testing of levels of various nutrients. But not only is that very cumbersome, it also turns out to be very inaccurate. For instance someone deficient in Vitamin A can have a blood test that will show there is lots of Vitamin A in their system. This is because the body is rushing the Vitamin A all over the body to try to accomplish the work it needs to do, since there isn't enough Vitamin A in the local areas where it is needed. Thus lots shows up in the blood as it is shuttled from one location to another to fulfill the body's needs.

Also since we still don't really know what all the nutrients are that the human body needs and in what quantities they will work optimally together, we really don't have the basic knowledge needed to micromanage the human body anyway.

Another method used is to flood the body with lots of every nutrient we currently know about (multi-vitamins) and do cleansing things at the same time. Thus the body can use what it wants and flush out the rest. This of course is very wasteful and again causes imbalances because of the over abundance of some substances.

As it turns out we can get close to a proper balance of resources for the body by simply eating food the way that God created it. It contains enzymes, bacteria, biotics, etc. that naturally help to balance the body. Whole foods are balancing to the body (wheat in particular). The Lords law of health (D&C 89) is definitely the way to go.

The next problem is that most of our food supply in our modern world has become adulterated with all kinds of poisons and pollutions. Due to this condition our digestive systems are generally messed up so that we can't absorb nutrients properly even when we do eat good food.

So, how can we get good nutrition and at the same time ensure that the systems of our bodies can properly use it?

Well, there are certain herbs which have been discovered that help the body tend toward balance. Just like the original natural foods feed the body in a balanced way. There are tonic (or adaptogenic) herbs that can help bring the body into balance. For example, Echinacia is a true tonic herb, it helps the body create more white blood cells if it needs more, and it will help the body decrease white blood cells if that is what is necessary.

Tonic herbs primary course of action is actually to cleans, purify, and balance the blood so that it is healthy. Therefore as healthy clean blood circulates throughout the system every organ and gland is bathed with life giving nutrients. Thus tonic herbs can also help heal the digestive tract so that the body can once again get the nutrition it needs from the food that it eats.

Imagine what your body could do if your pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pancreas, and gonads were all operating in prime condition.

All hormones would be balanced. Neurological signals would be clean and crisp. Digestive systems would work the way God designed them to. Weight would normalize. Anxiety could be a thing of the past. Blood pressure would normalize. The body would have the ability to heal itself wherever the need may arise.

Is this just a pipe dream? No.

Over 68 years ago a man who was studying herbs found that by processing and using a certain combination of only tonic herbs in certain ways he could make a liquid tonic that would balance every system of the body. (He discovered that alcohol should never be used to make herbal tinctures or tonics because it destroys the adaptability of the herbs.) He found that 18 adaptogenic (tonic) herbs working together in a synergistic manor could restore health to almost anyone. And because all these herbs are true tonic herbs, there is no overdosing.

For some people the effect was almost instantaneous, for others it took months to really notice a difference, but in every case, the body eventually normalized and thrived. Eye sight improved, skin problems faded, thinking became clearer, old pains disappeared, joints became more supple, anxieties became things of the past, cravings faded, weight normalized, etc. In some cases even cancer faded away.

So, there is a supplement that is safe for just about anyone to take and will help to balance every system of the body..

This marvelous tonic is sold today by Jurak Inc.

If you would like to garner optimal health, check it out at



Recommended Products:

Boost Health Naturally

There is a tonic that balances all the major systems of the body.  It was formulated using only tonic (meaning balancing) herbs.  It was formulated without the use of alcohol or other substances that can destroy the tonicity of the herbs.  Most herbal concoctions are created using alcohol or other chemicals that destroy the balancing abilities of the herbs.  To learn more about this wonderful herbal tonic click here.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 12 January 2012 23:09

Paleolithic Thinking

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Paleolithic diets are very popular these days.  So we should look into it.

The basic idea is sound... look back at what the human species has eaten historically, and since the species has thrived, if you eat the same things then you will thrive.

Are there any problems with this thinking?

Well, one obvious problem is that there are a large variety of "Paleolithic" diets out there.  Why?

Because paleolithic refers to a time before historical records.  In other words all these paleolithic diets are merely speculation from folks who think they can guess how ancient man ate.  These diets are tied in with, and a part of, the collection of suggested diets based on assumptions of how man evolved.

But if we actually look at recorded history, and believe the things that are written by our ancestors, we see that man did not evolve but was created.  Man has always lived on a mostly grain based diet.  And since most of our modern disease and corruption has happened within the last one or two hundred years, why not just look back at recorded history and see what it actually says, rather than make assumptions about an imaginary people who never really even existed.

Even our modern science shows us that man did not evolve from some ancient creature.  The more we study DNA and bio-molecular processes, we come to understand that evolution of species simply cannot happen.  Even in our controlled experiments we can't make it happen.

It turns out that our DNA actually have a built in recovery system, so that given the right circumstances the damaged and corrupted parts of our DNA can be re-sequenced back to factory defaults.

All so called evidences of the "evolution of species" are deeply flawed and mistaken.  But that is a whole different discussion, lets get back to paleolithic diets.

In as much as paleolithic diets get people to return to eating whole foods as made by our creator, they have success.

A major problem with most paleolithic diets is that they assume man lived successfully before he learned about grains.  They then couple that assumption with studies showing how grains are bad for you in some way or another.  They even like to use the phrase "whole grains" in describing the health problems caused by eating grain.  The problem is that none of the studies they cite where people have health problems connected to grains actually used whole grains in the study.  Sometimes a few whole grains may be included in the study but by far the largest percentage of grain products comes from processed (dead) grains.

Of course people selling paleolithic diets often go to great lengths to point out studies that show that their conclusions are correct.  Unfortunately if you actually look at how the studies were done and what data they collected, their assumptions and statements are not supported by the studies.

They also have a tendency to just say silly things, such as: "Cows eat grass, so if you eat grass you will look like a cow."  I don't mean to  offend anyone, but it doesn't get much dumber than that.

They also like to take things out of context and extrapolate dire consequences about substances linked with grains.  Often showing how some part of some grain is poisonous in some way.

For instance a recent report on Dr. Mercola's site about an "improved" paleolithic diet, talked about how a study showed that if you eat a gram of wheat germ, your stool weight increases by 5 grams.  They then made the silly assumption that this means that wheat germ stops your body from digesting food, so it just comes out the other end as waste in stead of getting used by the body.

The assumption of course ignores that eating whole wheat actually helps to cleanse and balance the systems of the body, helping it to get rid of waste that is clogging up the system.

If I was someone with a desire to lose weight I would eat more whole wheat to help clean out the gunk and get the body dumping waste.

In many many instances conclusions that are given about various studies simply cannot be supported by the actual data from the study.  Most health headlines are very misleading and the studies that they cite cannot back up what they say.

Unfortunately there is just a lot of bad science out there.  That is why this web site exists.  To help you find the truth amidst all the garbage.  Our "Bad Science" (under "Science" on the main menu) link is a good place to go to help you understand more about this.

Don't let "paleolithic thinking" filled with silly assumptions lead you astray.  Stay on the path to natural health by eating naturally.  Every historical society that has thrived and conquered in the world had a society based on grains of one kind or another.

Grains are good for you if eaten whole and unrefined.  Refined grains are indeed bad for you.  One of modern man's biggest problems is that most of the grains in his diet are processed dead food, that actually does cause many health problems.  The interesting thing is that those health problems can often be solved by returning to eating whole grains as nature's God intended.


Boost Health Naturally

There is a tonic that balances all the major systems of the body.  It was formulated using only tonic (meaning balancing) herbs.  It was formulated without the use of alcohol or other substances that can destroy the tonicity of the herbs.  Most herbal concoctions are created using alcohol or other chemicals that destroy the balancing abilities of the herbs.  To learn more about this wonderful herbal tonic stay tuned.  We will soon publish a whole article on it.

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