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Why aspartame?

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I've been asked about aspartame and why it is in my list of things to eliminate from your life. (See: Rules and elimination list)

Aspartame, along with pretty much every other artificial sweetener, is toxic to the human body.

The company that developed it falsified reports to convince the FDA that it was safe for human consumption.  The FDA scientists voted not to approve aspartame for human use, but the director overruled their decision and declared it safe in order to please political friends (or so it seems).  Here is a comprehensive article about aspartame that contains more of the details of that history.

Aspartame, sold as NutraSwet or Equal, is now widely used in many drinks and food-like products.  It is also reported to be the food additive with the most complaints logged about it.  Listed adverse effects include headaches, tumors, neurological problems, weight gain, vision loss, joint pain, fibromyalgia, hearing loss, memory loss, diarrhea, dizziness, menstrual problems, impotency, and death.  And that is only a partial list of what was reported by the FDA under the freedom of information act in 1994.

Aspartame appears to be the best explanation for Gulf War Syndrome.  Nearly every symptom listed for Gulf War Syndrome matches one listed for aspartame poisoning.  Pallets of cans of soda (mostly sweetened with aspartame) were sent to the Gulf for our soldiers over there.  The pallets would often sit in the hot desert before being moved to refrigeration.

When aspartame is heated it breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid, and DKP.  DKP is a known tumor causing agent.  Formic acid is used to strip paint, and has a chemical composition like ant venom.  Formaldehyde is used for embalming.  10 percent of aspartame is methanol (wood alcohol) which can destroy the optic nerve and cause blindness.  50 percent of aspartame is phenylalnine which is know to cause seizures.

Lest you think that you will be OK to use aspartame as long as you don't heat it, please note that the temperature of the human body is a high enough temperature to break aspartame down into all of it's dangerous elements.

There is no need to use these awful artificial sweeteners like this.  The excuse for using them is to cut down on calories.  We've previously talked about how and why calories are not an important consideration in your over all health picture.  If you must add sweetener to something I highly recommend small amounts of natural foods, like honey. Train your body to drink good clean water instead of pops and juices and you will be way ahead in the pursuit of health.

As you eat more fresh, raw, whole foods you will gradually lose the temptation to consume sugary sweet things, and your health will improve.

I hope this helps to explain my position.

Have a great day!

Coach G.


Watch this video to see why sugar, especially in soda pop, is so bad for you. (Watch the whole thing.  You'll be amazed.)

You may also be interested in how to get "Your Best Body Now"

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Your Best Body Now

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A Review of "The Eat-Clean Diet" Author Tosca Reno's Book "Your Best Body Now"

Eating clean has always been my recommendation, so Tosca Reno's books attracted my attention. It is great to see a woman in her 50s who can still pass for 30. This book tells how she does it, and is actually a complete program for how you can do it too.

I do have to disagree with her on a few things, but all in all this is a great book.

It starts with her story telling of her challenges with weight and health problems and how she eventually learned to overcome them. It is motivational and informative. She includes information on eating right, exercising, time management, attitude adjustment, goal setting, and even beauty tips.

The main goal of the book is, just like her other books, to get you eating good clean food in a health promoting way. Everything you eat should be looked at (before you eat it) from the perspective of will this do good for my body or will it be detrimental to my body. She includes specific things to eat as well as some things to avoid. She even includes a shopping list and recipes.

I like that she included pages in the back of the book to track your goals as well as what you eat and the exercises that you do. Working through the goals, commitments, and attitude pages is of particular importance to gain success in building, "Your Best Body Now."

I totally agree with her that you should never count calories. And that 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day is the best way to eat. Fresh whole foods (grains, vegetables, and fruit) are of paramount importance to a healthy body. Most people who are overweight don't eat enough good food and drink enough clean water to lose weight.

My disagreements with her are in the details. Most of her training comes from the body builder community, so she passes along some of the incorrect nutritional ideas that prevail there. For instance she thinks that egg whites are better for you than egg yolks. But nature gives us a perfect balance in an almost perfect food in whole eggs.

She also isn't up to speed on genetically modified foods and the problems they cause, nor myriad problems caused by soy, which has been touted as a health food for so long. Nearly all corn and soy are now genetically modified products and should be avoided. And even if you can get non-GMO soy it is only healthy if it has been fermented. To her credit, two of the three soy products she specifically recommends are fermented products.

Along with that comes a misunderstanding of fats and oils in general. She is still falling into the mass media pushed idea that saturated fats are bad fats and unsaturated are good fats. This is exactly opposite of the truth.

Interestingly, her list of what fats to eat is not that far off, because she lists mostly saturated fats under her unsaturated fats heading. Obviously an area she should research a bit more.

To be fair, there are healthy and unhealthy fats that are saturated, and the same for unsaturated. But by far, saturated are the healthiest. And her list of 'unsaturated' fats contains some of the very best saturated fats, like coconut oil, and raw butter. I guess she just put them in that category because of the brain washing that good fats are unsaturated. And of course her editors wouldn't catch that either, because the brain washing is so widespread in our society.

The other major disagreement I would have with her is that she is a big green tea fan. Again hype has surpassed the reality of most teas. Green tea is high in fluoride, so even though it contains polyphenols and antioxidants, much of the good they might do is cancelled out by the dangers of toxic fluoride which greatly reduces thyroid activity. It also contains aluminum which when combined with fluoride causes liver and brain problems, along with the depressed thyroid. And that's not even mentioning the problems with caffeine. In spite of all the hype, green tea is never a good idea.  In fact if you look at the research, the so called benefits of green tea are only found to be significant in studies that use green tea extract, and not actual tea.  The bad outweighs the good with green tea.

Nevertheless, due to all the other positive things that she is doing in her program, the green tea and soy problems are pretty much overcome and she probably won't see the effects of those for some time. Her lifestyle keeps her body cleaning itself out and rebuilding quite well.

Again, all in all a good program, and I believe it can benefit anyone willing to put the program to work.

The take away message of this book is eat whole natural foods, drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours during the day.  She also emphasizes good protein (grains, nuts, and grass fed meat) and complex carbs (think natural food with fiber) in every meal.

Choose a healthy lifestyle. Keep making changes in the right direction. Step by step you can reach your goal.

Have a great day!

Coach G.


Tosca Reno's book "Your Best Body Now" can be found on Amazon at Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way


Last Updated on Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:22

Omega-3 Update : Healthy Fats?

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The latest study released about omega-3 fatty acids says that they can raise a man's risk of prostate cancer by 2.5 times.

I know!  You're thinking, "What?  I thought omega-3s were good for you!"  Here is a link to read about the study.

This is another big surprise (for most people) in the study of nutritional balancing.

There were several interesting things about this study.  It was carried out with thousands of participants, and those with trans-fats in their blood had less chance to get aggressive prostate cancer than those who had high levels of omega-3 fats in their blood.  The study said the biggest source of omega-3 fats was fish consumption and not supplementation.

It should be pointed out that this type of study only points to correlation and not causation.

What most people don't know is omega-3 fats are not health food.  They are polyunsaturated fats, the most unhealthy naturally occurring fats.

Most of our degenerative diseases today seem to be caused by polyunsaturated fats.  Our normal diet has become about 30% poly-fats.  This overloads the body causing high estrogen and cortisol levels as well as stifling thyroid function.  Diabetes has been caused experimentally by using polyunsaturated vegetable oils. (In this case it was a high safflower oil diet.)

One of the best places to get information on diabetes, particularly as it involves fats is HERE. In fact that site is probably the best for understanding how fats work in the body.  It can be a bit too much detail for people though and it is spread out in multiple articles, so HERE is a long but complete page that is probably easier to understand for most people.

But let me explain a little bit of the "surprise" from the first study sited.  Fish oil, which comes from fish, has been successfully used in many experiments to help solve various health problems.  But the conclusions stated in most of those studies gave credit incorrectly to omega-3 oils.  The problem is that omega-3 oils are only a very small amount of what is in fish oil.  For instance a capsule of high quality wild fish oil contains 1000mg of oil, but only about 300 mg of that are omega-3 oils.

When you separate out omega-3 oils and try to do the same types of tests, they don't work.  For instance, flax seed, though high in omega-3 fats doesn't help like fish oil does.  That's because the other stuff in fish oil keeps the omega-3s from going rancid, helps omega-3s do some positive functions that they can sometimes do, and accounts for nearly all the benefits of the fish oil.

Fish oil's other major components are monounsaturated fats, saturated fats, and Vitamins A & D.  The vitamins help to keep the polyunsaturated fats from going rancid, the monounsaturated and saturated fats do more antioxidant work as well as benefiting cholesterol processes (breaking down plaque buildup), and helping with digestion and energy.  In fact the omega-3 fats cannot do what little they are good at unless they are accompanied by saturated fats.

Note that in the study the people with the worst risk for cancer were the ones with the most omega-3 oils circulating in their blood.  This is likely because they are deficient in saturated fat.  Saturated fat allows the cells to use omega-3 fats.  Without saturated fats in the system omega-3 fats only cause trouble.

Most people don't get enough saturated fats, because the media and fitness gurus were mislead into thinking that saturated fats were bad for people.  Most of the studies that showed saturated fats were bad for people were done with artificially saturated fats, not real saturated fats.  Hydrogenated fats are bad (artificially saturated).  Naturally saturated fats are very healthy.  Saturated fats, (like coconut oil) actually help the body to control and regulate blood sugar, balance cholesterol, balance hormones, control microbes and viruses, and have many antioxidant like functions.

"Essential fatty acids" turn out to not be "essential" at all.  People live just fine without the "essential" fats.  And in fact, a deficiency in "essential" fats turns out to be a big boon to health.  Autoimmune diabetic mice (genetically made that way) don't develop diabetes when they are "deficient" in "essential" fatty acids. Here is that Link. Other autoimmune diseases respond well to similar treatments as well.

The mead acids (the omega-9 fats) are probably more responsible for the health benefits of fish oil than the omega-3 fats.  There are generally about twice as many mead acids as omega-3 acids in fish oil.  Here is a link to further discussions about "essential" fats and mead acids.

I highly recommend that people who want to improve health eliminate all added polyunsaturated fats (read labels), and use coconut oil for cooking, virgin olive oil for salad dressings, and raw butter on your whole grain bread.  Saturated fat from natural sources (like raw milk from grass fed cows) are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Get good fats (like mead acids) from nuts and avocados.

Have a great day!

Coach G.

Here are other past articles on fats.

This article expresses the opinion of it's author.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or prescribe treatment for any disease.  All readers are responsible for their own health.  If they decide to turn over that responsibility to a doctor or practitioner or pundit, that is their choice, and yet the responsibility still lies with themselves.  Taking control of your own health, requires personal research, prayer, and pondering.  Take it seriously, you only have one body.  After appropriate thought and research, take action in the direction that you have determined to be most beneficial.  Of course, if you have emergency life-threatening problems get the appropriate help as quickly as you can.


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