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Trust God

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I'm often amazed at how little trust so many of us put in the creator of all things.  So many run after the philosophies of man, without realizing that the path just started downhill.


Remember the Plan of Salvation.  The earth was created specifically for mankind to come to gain experience important to our eternal salvation.  We are God's children and He loves us.

God created the heavens and the earth, and us, in the way and in the time He said.  He is totally trust worthy.  We can believe His word.  Also never doubt that God can do whatever He says.

Nephi, speaking with the power of the Holy Ghost, said that if God wanted it, he could change the sea to dry earth.  I Nephi 17:46-51 (He wasn't talking about millions of years.)

Enoch, by speaking the words given to him from God, moved mountains and rivers. Moses 7:13

In Genesis, Moses, and Abraham we read about the creation of the world.  They all agree that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days.

Abraham goes on to tell us that this creation time is according to the time of Kolob. (Abraham 5:13)

Abraham 3:4 tells us that one day on Kolob is 1000 years on earth.  There is no question about the time period.

Note that Genesis Chapter 1, Moses Chapter 2, and Abraham Chapter 4 are all talking about the spiritual creation.  Everything was created spiritually before it was created physically.

Then Genesis Chapter 2, Moses Chapter 3, and Abraham Chapter 5 begin to tell us about the physical creation. (See the Ensign Magazine Feb. 2002 page 26, “The Origin of Man” [Declaration by First Presidency])

In the physical creation, we see that before there are even plants on the earth, the Lord creates Adam and breaths into him the breath of life, and places him upon the earth.  Adam is the first physical flesh on the earth. (Moses 3:7)  Then the Garden is planted in Eden, and Adam is placed in it.  Then God creates rivers in Eden to water the garden.  Then God creates beasts from the dust of the earth and breathes into them the breath of life.  Each one is brought to Adam to name.

It is wonderful that Joseph Smith gave us two more witnesses of this creation process.  It must be something we are supposed to know.  Three witnesses : Genesis, Moses, Abraham. (Note that in the temple we deal mostly with the spiritual and the symbolic, very little is physically literal.)

So, we have a six thousand year time span for the spiritual creation, and no indication of the physical creation timing other than that it starts with Adam's creation.  But if we study the scriptures we see that when God (or His prophets) command physical elements, they obey immediately.  Thus it would seem that the spiritual creation is the harder part and the physical is nearly instantaneous. (Speculation on my part.) Remember that spirit is matter, just more fine and pure than physical matter. (D&C 131:7,8)

The spiritual and physical creations are very different.  Many people have fallen into the trap of thinking that the spiritual creation is the same thing as the physical creation.  This has even been used as an excuse to believe that God used the “Big Bang” and “Evolution of Species” to create the world and man.  But not only are these “philosophies of men” not in agreement with the scriptures, they are not even very good science. Created around the turn of the 20th century, these theories have failed.

If you study the Big Bang, you discover that it is entirely made up of imagination. It doesn't even follow basic laws of physics.  Modern cosmology is so far off from reality that most of what they say happens in space cannot be shown to be true in any laboratory experiment.  Their trip through outer space is all a flight of fancy.

That is why as NASA explores space, they are constantly being surprised at what they find, because their theories don't work, so they can't predict what they will find out there.

The mark of a good scientific theory is that it can predict future findings.  Modern cosmology can't do that!  With every new discovery there is a scrambling around to try to bend the old theories to fit the new facts.  They continue to make up new imaginary elements and forces to try to make their observations fit the old theories, but it just doesn't work.

They can't simply take a step back and say, "Hmmm, that really doesn't work."  They continue imaginary pseudoscience propped up by complex math.  They figure, "Hey, if we can model it on a computer, it must be true!"  Even third graders know better than that!

Don't get me wrong.  I don't think scientists are stupid or dumb.  But many are blinded by the pride and praise and glory of the world.  In  institutionalized bodies, it is so very hard to go against the status-quo.  The theories get built into the systems, making it very hard to change.

But another major problem is that cosmology is sort of the queen of science, and since they started going the imaginary route, many other science disciplines have followed into the realms of imagination.  Too much of our science is not based in reality these days.  So, even though we have all this great technology, we are kind of in a dark ages.  It's weird.

If you study the evolution of species, you discover much the same problem.  It never happens in real life, only in the imagination.   In fact a basic understanding of basic physics laws proves that it cannot happen.  All of the supposed proofs that it happened in the past rely on first impressions of findings from people who already believed in the theory.  Subsequent study of the artifacts always disproved the assumptions.  The theory hasn't got a leg to stand on.

What does DNA tell us about creation? This is a good presentation on DNA to make you think. DNA does not agree with evolution at all.

So, what about the supposed evidences that the earth is millions or billions of years old?

They are all failed science theories of the past.  In fact if you study each of the methods used to date the earth, you find out that they all have major problems.  They are based on faulty assumptions that don't stand up to logic.  The people who study these various “clocks” know that they don't work very well, but they insist on using them so that they can have reference points. Sad but true.

Most people don't know that carbon dating (even if you believe the method works) can't even be used to date anything beyond about 60,000 years.  So what is the excuse for using it to date bones that scientists claim are millions of years old?  They don't have one.   I'm not kidding!  Look it up.

But they say it is very accurate and reliable, don't they?

When they take multiple samples of a particular object, animal, or area, the initial results come back with a  wide range of ages for the various samples.  So they have come up with a series of fancy formulas to homogenize the results into one 'official' age. Interestingly, their formula usually comes up with an age to match the oldest sample, or sometimes it is even older than all the samples.  Honest, I'm not making this stuff up.  Do your own research.

What about the skeletons that have been found of Cro-Magnon man?  Again, look it up.  These remains are no different than humans you can find on earth today who have various diseases and deformities. Neanderthal man was fabricated from various parts, some discovered to be human, some chimp.

You might also note that they date these as being about 30,000 'radiocarbon years' old.  The reason they use the 'radiocarbon' qualifier is because they want to believe that they are even older than that.

You see, they really do recognize that the carbon dating is flawed.

How flawed is it?  They dated one part of a mummified musk ox to be about 24,000 years old.  Another part of the very same animal returned a date of about 17,200 years.  Would you call that accurate?

Many people have said, “OK, carbon dating is messed up, but radiometric dating using other elements is very accurate.  Also, with the other elements we can get into accurate dating in the millions of years, because their half-lives are so long.”

Again, this involves major assumptions that don't stand up to scrutiny.

For instance, to age a layer of rock, they take 4 samples or more from the layer.  They then assume by what process that layer of rock was put down. (No, these are not known, they are only assumptions.)   From that assumption they know what radio-active elements to look for.  They then measure how much of that element is left in the samples.  Thus, they can tell how long it has been since that rock layer formed.

The only problem (other than the base assumptions) is that each of those samples has a different percentage of that element in it. (Thus invalidating the base assumptions.)

Well, it might be natural to have some small variation from rock to rock, right?

But, the variations are huge!  Wouldn't you say that from 13.5 to 17 is a fairly wide variation for something that is supposed to be accurate?  How about from 9 to 12?  That's a third again as much!

These are typical variations in samplings taken for use in radiometric dating.

And that is only from one element.  If you try radiometric dating of the same rock with different elements it can vary from 4 million to 10 thousand years!

These theories simply don't hold up.  Obviously, they are not reliable or accurate!

Well, then how do we explain the fossils and layering of the earth that we see all around us?

An excellent place to start is Here we have a theory that takes into account all observations of the earth and the heavens around us, that is making accurate predictions of what NASA and other researchers may find next.  It requires no Big Bang, no black holes, no invisible dark matter, no impossibly long time scales, or other imaginary constructs. It is good solid science backed by IEEE. It even agrees with Abraham's facsimiles, showing how stars get there power. (Facsimile No. 2, note explanation of Fig. 5)

Another very interesting theory is found at You can read his online book for free and learn the whole theory.  It also answers many questions. This one follows and teaches scientific method. He goes a little astray, not understanding the full gospel or the stuff. But still has some good insights and explanations.

To see the power of God in the physics all around us check out  These guys have defined and measured and confirmed the power of God in and through all things.  Very fascinating! I would like to see these guys team up with the guys.

Many fascinating up-to-date science stories are analyzed at from a creationist's perspective.

But, back to the main point: Trust God!  He knows what He is talking about.  Don't rely on the arm of flesh, or the philosophies of man.  They can really get things messed up.  Read the scriptures, listen to the prophets and take them at their word.  Science actually becomes simpler and better when you do.

I know, you have one argument left.  Why does all mainstream science disagree with you?

Well let's answer that one with more questions. Why was all mention of God or 'divine providence' removed from text books around the beginning of the 20th centruy? Why is it totally unacceptable even to mention God in nearly any science classroom today? Re-read Moroni 7:17.

Have you watched and thought about Ben Stein's recent movie, “Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed”?

If you haven't, do it.

My point is, science is great for studying and learning about things, but never assume that science has found some mistake in the scriptures.  Or that early prophets just didn't see things right because they didn't have the advantage of our modern technology.  Our modern technology does not always help us to see things clearer.  It often causes us to become more deaf and blind.

After all, scientists don't agree among themselves.  Why should we swallow what the media tells us science has discovered without some thought and reflection.

Do a little research, and you can always find science that agrees with God, and fits with the other truths we know from God.

Trust God!!! He is always right!


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