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BIG NEWS: New Favorite Products

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If you've been reading my articles for long you know that I don't use a lot of supplements or extras.  I strive to get what my body needs from real whole foods.  Amazing as it may seem, I might be changing my tune a bit.

The one problem with my approach to health is that people who have major health problems often don't have bodies that are functioning well enough to actually use the nutrition that is available through eating natural whole foods.  While eating whole natural foods can and will help in most cases over time, many people need more help and relief in the short term so that their bodies can actually use the good nutrition that they are starting to consume.

I have previously recommended a few products that can help the body to recover and rebuild, but I've been increasingly aware of people who need more potent therapeutic help to get their body systems back on track and into balance.

I'm glad to report that I have found what I consider to be a very very good way to get this needed therapy in a do it yourself type of system that can help just about everyone.

I've discovered the best essential oils, and how they can make a wonderful difference in health care for me and my family.

Essential oils are the essence of plants.  In other words essential oils are distilled from plants.  The oils might be collected from the leaves, the flowers, the fruit, the skin, or even the roots.  Making essential oils is a combination of art and science.  The best herbalists have learned the best times to extract and the best methods to use for extraction so that the resulting oils will have the best health effects in the body.

Now some of you may be saying, "But, Coach G., you don't like most drugs and supplements because they are distilled from plants and concentrated.  Isn't that the same thing with Essential Oils?"

The answer is no, it isn't the same thing at all.

Most drugs and supplements are concentrated extracts, or merely one specific chemical extracted and concentrated from a plant.  The result is a product that is very out of balance and causes loss of balance in body systems.  This is why all drugs have negative side-effects.  Most supplements actually have the same problem.

Essential Oils on the other hand are extracts of the whole essence of a plant.  They maintain the complex chemistry of the beneficial herbs they are made from.  Thus you still have the needed polyphenols and substances that allow the natural plant to help maintain balance in the body.  And yet because essential oils are very concentrated they can be used with therapeutic results.  Essential Oils can be powerful catalyst for healthy change in the body (without side effects).

As I studied essential oils I came to find that there are many brands and versions of oils on the market, and that their effectiveness can vary wildly.  If you buy cheap essential oils you are getting cheap essential oils.  They may still work to some extent because essential oils are such a powerful therapy, but many contain fillers and/or impurities that can cause other problems.

I found that doTERRA Essential Oils are by far the best.  They are of the highest quality and purity, because each batch is tested by independent labs for quality and purity.

You can even smell the difference in quality between doTERRA oils and one of the lesser competing oils.

So here is my suggestion, if you have a health issue that you are dealing with that simple lifestyle changes don't seem to get you to the level of health you would like to be at.  Go to this website: and use the search box to look up the particular problem that you are having.  Skip the "ads by google" search results at the top and go to the Everything Essential search results.

Once you have found the page for your particular concern look at all the tabs on that page to get as complete an idea as possible for the possible solution to your problem.

Next, go to and you can find and order the particular doTERRA products that you need.

This can make a huge difference in you and your family members health.  Try it!  you will probably love it!

In the mean time, continue to...

Eat good whole natural foods, drink plenty of water, exercise 5 or 6 days a week, use real salt to get trace minerals in balance, and get good sleep.

Have a great day!

Coach G.


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