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Green Coffee Bean Extract: Miracle or Monster?

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You may have seen recently Dr. Oz and others hyping green coffee bean extract (GCBE) for weight loss.

Does it really work?

Is it safe?

If you listen closely to the presentations on GCBE you hear that it contributes to feeling fuller sooner and also gives a feeling of more energy.

It is supposed to work by bring the blood sugar levels down.  But actual testing shows that it has basically no effect on blood sugar levels.

Also note that you are supposed to take this extract about a half hour before meals with a large glass of water.   If you try this without the pill (GCBE) you will get the same basic effect.  In other words the water is what is most likely giving the results.

If you want to lose weight try it.  Drink anywhere from a pint to a quart of water 20 to 30 minutes before every meal.  You mightl be amazed with the results.

But, you ask, aren't there nutrients in the GCBE that can help?

Well yes there are, but also remember that health is all about balance.  So you can't look at one or two nutrients in a substance and tell if it is health giving or health robbing.  So let's look a little farther.  What are the actual results of ingesting GCBE?

One of the well know ones is that after taking GCBE your homocysteine levels go up.  So what effect might that have?

Well higher homocysteine levels are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease.  Homocysteine damages the insides of your arteries, causing inflammation.  That's not good. It leads to an increase in blood clotting and heart disease.

Increases in homocysteine are also connected to the higher incidence of Alzheimer's Disease, and bone fractures.

Is that risk worthy the purported, but questionable, benefit?

Let's look a little deeper into that purported benefit.  The claim is that Chlorogenic acid in the GCBE helps the body to lose weight.  The actual results on chlorogenic acid, as far as weight loss is concerned, are somewhat questionable.

But lets go a head and give them the benefit of the doubt that chlorogenic acid aids in weight loss.  If that is true where could you go to get chlorogenic acid?  Well, it is found in abundance in potatoes, peaches, and plums.

Guess what, potatoes, peaches, and plums do not cause heart disease, Alzheimer's Disease, excessive blood clotting, or excessive bone fractures.

Real food is always a better idea than some pill with questionable purity, questionable molecular structures, and proven negative side effects.

It is very sad that people continue to push coffee, and green or black tea, as healthy products, while ignoring all the proven negative side effects.

It might also be worthy of note that chlorogenic acid if taken in concentrated doses, like in a green coffee bean extract, can increase the chances of developing respiratory related allergies.

Eat good whole natural foods, drink plenty of water, exercise 5 or 6 days a week, and get good sleep to control body weight.

Have a great day!

Coach G.


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