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Good And Bad Research

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As a researcher you find out that you can find information on just about anything.  You also discover that most of it is worthless.  Not only are there many contradictions in the research on just about any subject, there is no clear set of rules on how research should be done.

Most people believe that research is done in "scientific" ways to insure that the outcomes are accurate and reliable, but unfortunately this is a just a dream.  In reality researchers make up their own way of doing things dependent upon what they are trying to find out.  So the most important question is not what was the result of the study.

The more important questions are:

What was the researcher looking for?  What were the initial assumptions and preconceptions?  Was there a thorough review of other research on the subject with proper comparison? Was the study conducted in a method that could show meaningful results?  Was all data considered or only chosen parts?  Are the assumptions true?  What if assumptions are not true?

We have all been taught many things that it turns out are not true even though we grew up believing them.  Many of the major dogmas of science today are based on bad research rather than good.

Let's look at a few examples.

Carbon dating tells us how old things are.  But it''s not accurate even though many people say that it is.  It's basic assumptions are now know to be false, and yet still we are supposed to believe it.  It relies on constant cosmic bombardment of the earth to create carbon-14 at an even pace.  Cosmic bombardment of earth varies greatly.  Sometimes it stops completely for a day or so.  Records show it was 10 times faster than today's normal for a while back in the 700s.  It also relies on steady carbon-12 supplies, which we also know is not true.  It varies with volcanoes, earthquakes, wildfires, burning of fossil fuels, etc. Even in actual practice it is very obvious that carbon dating does not work.  Various samples taken from the remains of a dead animal will return widely varying ages.  From the same animal!  So in order to believe the results you have to assume that one part of the animal died thousands of years before another part of the very same animal.

And yet we have been trained to believe that it is an accurate method because "the experts" say so.  But we don't learn the truth until we ask the right questions and really look at the actual research.

Elevated cholesterol levels are supposed to send you running to get the latest cholesterol control drug.  However, looking at the research we realize that high cholesterol levels really are not associated with heart disease in most studies.  In fact we find out that people with high cholesterol levels are generally healthier than people with lower cholesterol levels.  There is insufficient research to show that high cholesterol levels are bad.  The idea is based on faulty assumptions of a study done in the 1950s.  Meanwhile we now know that cholesterol lowering drugs are very dangerous to human health.

These are just a couple of examples.  There are many others.

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