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First Do No Harm

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In the news lately one can find lots of articles and stories about how good coffee is for you.  Or how good wine is for you.  Or how wonderful green tea is.  Or even how wonderful and health giving marijuana is.

Here is your warning:  Beware of these wolves in sheep's clothing!

Articles such as these all have one thing in common.  They are reporting partial truths.  They ignore a big part of the real story.  They are telling you positives while ignoring all the negatives that come from these same substances.

Hippocrates, known as the great father of modern medicine, is reported to have said, "First do no harm."  This is very good advice, but alas it is not followed by most modern physicians, or health researchers.

In fact our whole "take a pill for that" society does more harm than good for our health.

Let's look at an example.  In the 50s & 60s many doctors told their patients to take up smoking for their health.  There were "healthy effects" that were seen from smoking.  However this was short sighted and overlooked the evidences of harm to the health from smoking.

Our society tends to do this same thing with many things.

Yes, wine contains resveratrol, which can be good for you.  But why do we encourage people to drink wine for resveratrol when we also know that alcohol kills brain cells?  Besides if you really were convinced that you needed resveratrol then why not go to a much better source than wine?  A source that is connected to nothing but health.  Apples are a better source than wine and without any of the negative problems.

Yes, green tea will help you lose weight, however it also contains the problem causing substances of caffeine and fluoride.  If you have been visiting this site very long you know that fluoride is a major contributor to Alzheimer's disease.

Yes, coffee will rev up your metabolism, but ultimately at a heavy cost to digestion, colon, nerves, etc.  And no, decaf will not solve the problem.  There is much more to coffee than the caffeine.  Besides decaf is not caffeine free, it is only caffeine reduced.

Yes, marijuana can kill pain, but it also kills brain cells.  Yes, marijuana has been used to fight disease without short term side effects, but that was only using the oil, not from smoking it, and long term effects are not yet shown.

All of the things that are claimed to be good for your health from these dangerous substances, can be obtained from safe foods that don't cause any of these major problems.  "First do no harm" should be our motto in dealing with health.  There are plenty of good safe foods that will help you to build a beautiful healthy body without taking the chances of destruction from these known problem substances.

With every news story you see about some product that is supposed to be good for you, do a little research to see what other information is out there that the news story decided to leave out.

"First Do No Harm!"



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