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Paleolithic Thinking

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Paleolithic diets are very popular these days.  So we should look into it.

The basic idea is sound... look back at what the human species has eaten historically, and since the species has thrived, if you eat the same things then you will thrive.

Are there any problems with this thinking?

Well, one obvious problem is that there are a large variety of "Paleolithic" diets out there.  Why?

Because paleolithic refers to a time before historical records.  In other words all these paleolithic diets are merely speculation from folks who think they can guess how ancient man ate.  These diets are tied in with, and a part of, the collection of suggested diets based on assumptions of how man evolved.

But if we actually look at recorded history, and believe the things that are written by our ancestors, we see that man did not evolve but was created.  Man has always lived on a mostly grain based diet.  And since most of our modern disease and corruption has happened within the last one or two hundred years, why not just look back at recorded history and see what it actually says, rather than make assumptions about an imaginary people who never really even existed.

Even our modern science shows us that man did not evolve from some ancient creature.  The more we study DNA and bio-molecular processes, we come to understand that evolution of species simply cannot happen.  Even in our controlled experiments we can't make it happen.

It turns out that our DNA actually have a built in recovery system, so that given the right circumstances the damaged and corrupted parts of our DNA can be re-sequenced back to factory defaults.

All so called evidences of the "evolution of species" are deeply flawed and mistaken.  But that is a whole different discussion, lets get back to paleolithic diets.

In as much as paleolithic diets get people to return to eating whole foods as made by our creator, they have success.

A major problem with most paleolithic diets is that they assume man lived successfully before he learned about grains.  They then couple that assumption with studies showing how grains are bad for you in some way or another.  They even like to use the phrase "whole grains" in describing the health problems caused by eating grain.  The problem is that none of the studies they cite where people have health problems connected to grains actually used whole grains in the study.  Sometimes a few whole grains may be included in the study but by far the largest percentage of grain products comes from processed (dead) grains.

Of course people selling paleolithic diets often go to great lengths to point out studies that show that their conclusions are correct.  Unfortunately if you actually look at how the studies were done and what data they collected, their assumptions and statements are not supported by the studies.

They also have a tendency to just say silly things, such as: "Cows eat grass, so if you eat grass you will look like a cow."  I don't mean to  offend anyone, but it doesn't get much dumber than that.

They also like to take things out of context and extrapolate dire consequences about substances linked with grains.  Often showing how some part of some grain is poisonous in some way.

For instance a recent report on Dr. Mercola's site about an "improved" paleolithic diet, talked about how a study showed that if you eat a gram of wheat germ, your stool weight increases by 5 grams.  They then made the silly assumption that this means that wheat germ stops your body from digesting food, so it just comes out the other end as waste in stead of getting used by the body.

The assumption of course ignores that eating whole wheat actually helps to cleanse and balance the systems of the body, helping it to get rid of waste that is clogging up the system.

If I was someone with a desire to lose weight I would eat more whole wheat to help clean out the gunk and get the body dumping waste.

In many many instances conclusions that are given about various studies simply cannot be supported by the actual data from the study.  Most health headlines are very misleading and the studies that they cite cannot back up what they say.

Unfortunately there is just a lot of bad science out there.  That is why this web site exists.  To help you find the truth amidst all the garbage.  Our "Bad Science" (under "Science" on the main menu) link is a good place to go to help you understand more about this.

Don't let "paleolithic thinking" filled with silly assumptions lead you astray.  Stay on the path to natural health by eating naturally.  Every historical society that has thrived and conquered in the world had a society based on grains of one kind or another.

Grains are good for you if eaten whole and unrefined.  Refined grains are indeed bad for you.  One of modern man's biggest problems is that most of the grains in his diet are processed dead food, that actually does cause many health problems.  The interesting thing is that those health problems can often be solved by returning to eating whole grains as nature's God intended.


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