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Super-foods are generally considered to be those foods that can provide a huge amount of our nutritional needs all by themselves.

Some of these can be lived on exclusively for long periods of time.  Some of these may surprise you.

Raw milk (from grass fed cows) is most definately a super-food.  There is even a doctor who treats all his patients, no matter what their ailment is, with a raw milk only diet.  And I might mention that he does it with great success.

Eggs as well as many kinds of meat are also super foods.  However, I usually only recommend the eggs, because in today's world the animal meats are filled with all kinds of toxins.  Animals bodies tend to collect and concentrate toxins from today's polluted world.  However, for the most part these toxins are not generally passed on to chicken eggs.

Wheat is a super-food that is not recognized by most of society these days.  But it is a very complex grain that if used properly can supply the body with what it needs.  It must be used whole, not fractured and separated as it is in so much of our food supply these days.  Wheat even has some unique characteristics that make it probably the very best balancer of body systems.  For instance if your body is too acidic, wheat will bring it back toward the alkaline side.  If you are too alkaline, wheat will pull you back toward the acid side.

One of the really great things about wheat is that not only can you get most all the nutrition you need from it, it also stores easily for long periods of time while still retaining most of it's goodness, and it is very inexpensive.

If you think you can't eat wheat, you are probably mistaken.  You just need to learn the proper ways.

Potatoes have also been shown to be a food that can be lived on for long periods of time.  You may not have know that.

Raw cacao (chocolate) is also a super-food, as is blue-green algae.

The nice thing is that eating a combination of these foods, we can get variety and great tastes along with great nutritional value.


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