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There are some important basic things to understand about fats.

We must eat fat to stay healthy.

We must eat fat to help control body fat. In other words, if you don't eat fat, you can still (and probably will) get fatter.

There are good fats to eat, and there are bad fats that we should never eat.

There are some good fats that you can eat too much of.

There are fats that you have been told are bad that are good.

There are fats that you have been told are good that are bad.

Much of our advice about health and nutrition has come from folks trying to sell stuff.  If they are good marketers then we all assume their product is good for us, and also possibly that a competing product is bad for us.  Doctors and nurses unfortunately buy into the same misinformation.  Don't blame them.  They are not researchers.  They repeat what they are taught, just like the rest of us.

So after doing quite of bit of research and questioning some of the 'accepted' ideas on fats.  Here are my conclusions.

The healthiest fats to eat are generally saturated fats!

The worst fats to eat are vegetable oils, particularly if they are hydrogenated, but even if they are not.

Nobody ever needs to supplement with Omega-3 fats or oils!  You will easily get all you need (which is very little) from eating grains, fruits and vegetables.  It is dangerous to get too many "essential fatty acids" (and by they way, they are not really "essential").

If you want to cook with oil, I would suggest using nothing but coconut oil.

Never use soy, canola, corn, or cottonseed oils. In fact don't eat anything that contains these oils.  They can really play havoc with your hormonal systems.  These are probably the current number one problem causers in the American diet.  Even sugar isn't as big a problem as these oils.

You can easily eat fats as 50 percent of your daily caloric intake without health problems if you are eating only the right fats.

Some of the best sources of good fats from foods are avocados, nuts, coconut oil, raw milk (including butter), and eggs.

I know these recommendations are different than what you have heard from many other sources, but this is what the research shows.

Search this site for more details on the parts that you find the most intriguing.



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