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What is the big deal about vegetables?  Why does everyone say we need to eat them?  Why do some people go so far as to call themselves vegetarians?

Vegetables, sometimes called herbs, are an important staple food source.  They provide many of the nutrients required by the human body.  Plants absorb the minerals and other nutrients from the earth and process them into a form that is readily usable by the human body.

One of the advantages of eating vegetables is that they are high in fiber, which is an important element for the digestive systems of the body.  In fact, getting 35 grams of fiber a day from whole foods may be one of the very best methods of normalizing body weight.

Vegetarians are people who generally eat only food from plant sources.  They have recognized that you can get nearly every nutrient needed by the human body from plant based foods.  The one precaution to take into account with vegetarian diets is that you may not get enough Vitamin B12.  Plants don't make Vitamin B12.  However, if you have healthy intestinal bacteria, they will manufacture some B12 for your use.

I don't recommend a strict vegetarian diet, because you will be much better off if you also use raw eggs and raw milk.  These animal by-products are excellent ways to round out a plant based diet.  Eggs are natures most used non-plant food source, and the supply is nearly endless.  Eggs are the perfect protein. Raw milk is one of the most complete foods on the planet, and will balance out stressed body systems.

People who live a strict vegetarian lifestyle for years will usually have health and emotional problems in the long run.

The most important part of eating vegetables is to eat the whole food.  Also eat it raw as often as possible.  Heating vegetables (particularly in water) will eliminate many of their good properties (vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, etc.).  Of course some vegetables are much easier and more palatable to eat if they are cooked first.  Steaming them is the best way to cook most vegetables.  Some can be baked nicely.

As far as getting the most nutrition from vegetables that you may not get from other foods, I would concentrate on the green leafy varieties, such as spinach and kale.  Of course, you need to eat a variety of foods so that your body has access to lots of different nutritional resources. (Plus, you don't get bored.)

One final note; if you grow vegetables in your own garden, you can get better nutrition and benefits from vegetables than from anything you can buy in any store.


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