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Welcome to Garner Healthy Living!

So many people are looking for good and accurate information on how to live a healthy lifestyle these day. I thought I should create a place where people can find it. AND not have to pay for important knowledge that should be common knowledge.

There are so many conflicting reports on health-related subjects these days, it can be very confusing. Having studied science and health for over 3 decades, I will try to help you understand all the latest news and research and what it really means to you.

I will also strive to point out simple methods to solve health-related problems that people are facing in our modern world.

I would appreciate your help. Please leave comments on the things you are wondering about, or things that you would like to learn more about.

I hope to become your health source. Check back often to see the latest news and ideas and to post your thoughts and questions.

Also, spread the word around the world.  Let's make a difference!  If everyone knew these simple truths the world would be a much healthier place.


This website reports on things discovered through research.  It is not medical diagnosis, or medical treatment, and claims no medical cures.  Adopting the lifestyle suggested here is totally a personal choice.  Before doing so feel free to discuss this information, and your decisions about what to do with it, with anyone you trust.  Please also share this information with your doctor of choice, he/she may not be up to speed on some of the topics discussed here, or he/she may not agree with it.  Please tell your doctor, and anyone else, about this source of information, they probably don't have the time do all the research themselves.  The information shared here is from the perspective of the researcher, and as such does not constitute sure fact.  The reported conclusions are the opinions and conclusions of the researcher.  Application of the ideas or therapies mentioned here are at the readers risk.  You are encouraged to discuss these ideas with your medical professional.

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