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Home Surprises Flash: Calories Don't Count

Flash: Calories Don't Count

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Calories Don't Count (If you eat right.)

Why do people count calories?  It is because they

have been led to believe in a mythical monster called the calorie.


Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that calories don't exist.  I'm just saying they are not monsters to be feared.

The problem with pretty much every calorie counting program out there is that it is working with an incomplete story as if it is the whole story.

The basic myth says, "Calories in minus calories out equals weight gain or loss."  Now, on a very technical level this could be true, but measuring it to that level would be almost impossible.

Everyone knows people who eat very little and yet still seem to gain weight, and then we all know people who eat tons of food and never seem to gain any weight.  So why doesn't the in versus out formula work?

It is because not all calories are created equal.  Some calories count and some calories don't.  That doesn't seem fair, does it?

Let me explain.  Almost every calorie counting program out there has at least one major flaw.  They want you to count the calories that you eat, and they want you to count the calories that your body burns off through daily activity and exercise, but they never tell you to count (or how to count) the calories in your bowel movements.

The secret is that if you eat and exercise the right ways, the calories really do not matter.  Why?  Because a well nourished body with the proper resources can take the nutrients it needs from what is eaten and dump whatever else is left over that it doesn't want.

Drinking plenty of water (with real salt), eating lots of nutrient rich foods with natural fiber (fresh and mostly raw), and getting good regular exercise, along with good regular sleep allows the body to do just that.

The body doesn't care how many calories are involved in that process (unless one overeats to the point of making it impossible for the body to do it's job),  as long as it has what it needs to get the job done.

So if you want to worry about calories, try out these question:  Will the calories in this food help my body do the things that it needs to do, or will the  calories in this food just make the body work harder and gum things up?  Will these calories provide fuel for this wonderful machine of mine, or just dump junk into my system that has to be cleared out before the body can resume normal function?

You see, the problem is that if the body doesn't have the resources it needs to dump the gunk, it stores the gunk (usually in fat) until such time (hopefully in the near future) when it will have the resources necessary to deal with the problem.

Don't count calories!  Count good decisions, and reap the rewards.

Give your body the proper resources to do what it is designed to do. (Exercise, water (with minerals), fiber (from real food), and sleep)

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