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Man has sight restored after 55 years

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Here is an unusual story about one man's good fortune.

This is not something that can be done successfully very often, so if you have eye sight, take good care of it.

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Here is the story:

After 55 years, a man who was blind in one eye has had his sight restored, The Daily Telegraph reported. The man was left completely blind in his right eye after being stuck by a stone when he was eight.

The 63-year-old man’s unique case was explained in a journal article that detailed his loss of vision due to a retinal detachment, where the light-sensitive retina peels off the back of the eye. The man then developed neovascular glaucoma (where abnormal new blood vessels begin growing inside the eye), which caused increased pressure in the eye, while clotted blood also collected in the chamber at the front of the eye. The man was not able to perceive any light in this eye. The case report described how after the blood was removed and the pressure in his damaged eye was reduced, the man was able to perceive some light for the first time in decades. This and the healthy color of his retina prompted his doctors to attempt to reattach his retina.

After two operations, the man was able to count fingers from a distance of five meters. The authors of the case report said: “to the best of our knowledge, there has been no previous similar report of visual recovery in a patient with long standing traumatic retinal detachment”. As this was a case report of one person, it is unclear whether similar outcomes could be achieved in other people with long-standing retinal detachment. Nevertheless, this report highlights that attempted reattachment may be an option even in people with long-standing retinal detachment.

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Links To Science

Olawoye O, Teng CC, Shabto U et al. Visual recovery in a patient with total hyphema, neovascular glaucoma, long-standing retinal detachment and no light perception vision: a case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports 2011, 5:221


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