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E.COLI : Should You Worry?

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E.coli is a bacteria that has been in the news lately because of an outbreak in Germany. It can cause death.  Annually there are about 91 deaths from 111,000 illnesses.   In this latest outbreak 2 people died in Germany with over 200 infected.

For comparison there are approximately 2.9 million people injured in car accidents with 42,600 deaths in a year in the US. 

E.coli is the most studied bacteria.  So what do we know about it? 

Well it is kind of interesting from a holistic health perspective.  E.coli causes health problems in humans in two circumstances.  When the bacteria is in balance with the rest of the body it doesn't cause any problems.  In fact it is beneficial in the intestines by making vitamin K.

So, it only causes problems when it is out of balance.  The two basic things that happen to cause problems is too much of it (overgrowth), or unhealthy bacteria (stressed and toxic). 

You may recognize that both of these things are caused by poor nutrition.  Too much sugar can cause the overgrowth, and not enough good nutrition leads to the stressed malnourished bacteria. 

When the bacteria is stressed that is when it becomes the toxic deadly kind.  Note that the major source of this type of stressed bacteria is cattle fed on corn.  The media generally misses this point.  They point at the vegetables that sometimes carry it to the consumer, ignoring that the vegetables only have the bacteria because they were watered with refuse water from cattle feed lots, or directly fertilized with the cattle manure. 

The chemists know it and so they are working on things like vaccines, drugs, chemical treatments, and washes to patent and sell for the treatment of cattle to cut down on the large amounts of e.coli in the meat and in the manure. 

The shocking thing is that if we just stop feeding the cattle corn (most of which is genetically modified) and feed them grass for three to five days their guts return to normal and 90 percent of the e.coli is eliminated.  That's how easy it is to solve this problem from the supply side.

On the other side, what if some of this stressed bacteria is introduced into your body?  Did I mention before that anti-biotics generally have none to very little effect on e.coli?

Remember that it only causes problems if it is allowed to grow unchecked..  If your immune system is working properly, because you've been feeding it properly, it can eliminate the stressed bad bacteria.  But if your system is overloaded with sugar it will allow the bacteria to grow out of control. 

People who end up dying from a bacterial infection almost always have seriously compromised immune systems even before the bad bacteria is introduced. 

So my recommendation is to keep your immune system and intestines healthy by eating good healthy foods.  Eliminate the extra sugars.  Keep your intestinal environment in a healthy balance.  Then you won't have to worry much about e.coli.

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Have a great day!
Coach G.
Last Updated on Friday, 17 June 2011 13:35  

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