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Oil Pulling And/Or Swishing

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Some of you may have heard of "Oil Pulling". If you haven't, well, now you have. When I first heard of it, it sounded like fantasy. But being the researcher that I am, I decided it was only fair to check it out before discarding the idea completely.

When you start to research oil pulling on the internet, you discover all kinds of claims of miraculous cures and miracles. You will also find explanations of why it can't really work.

It turns out that both are true.

How can that be? Well... some people have great healing experiences after oil pulling, but the reason given for the healing on most web sites that talk about oil pulling are wrong.

You see, oil pulling doesn't actually pull anything. So, the name is all wrong. That's why I prefer to call it "Swishing".

The prevailing theory is that the oil pulls toxins out of the body. But it doesn't. In a minute I'll tell you how it does work.

Perhaps, before continuing, I should explain what it is.

Oil pulling, or swishing, is the act of swishing oil around in the mouth each morning for about 20 minutes.

Now, a lot of you are thinking, "20 minutes!!!!????"

Yes, 20 minutes. If you can't do it for 20 minutes at first, it is fine to swish for a shorter period of time, until you get used to it. However, if you check your email, or straighten up the house, or whatever, the time goes by very quickly.

Just be sure to keep the oil swishing around in your mouth all the time. Push it around and through all your teeth as well as around your tongue.

Now the important part is what kind of oil to use. Use Virgin Coconut Oil. Many other sites on the internet will tell you to use other kinds of oil. But after much research, I have confirmed that Virgin Coconut Oil is the very best oil for swishing.

After the 20 minutes is up, you spit out the oil. I suggest spitting it into the dirt outside. It can cause build up and clogging in your pipes if you spit it into the sink or toilet. If you have to spit into a sink or toilet, I would go with the sink. This is because hot water will melt the coconut oil and send it on to the sewer system, but it is harder to run a lot of hot water down the toilet.

Now back to why swishing with coconut oil works so many healing miracles.

Swishing has been credited with helping to heal just about any problem you can think of, anywhere in the body. How can that be?

It has to do with creating a healthy environment where the miraculous human body can do it's healing thing. Remember that environment is everything. Create a healing environment within the body, and healing can and will take place.

Coconut oil, when mixed with saliva, has antiviral and antibacterial properties. When swished in the mouth for sufficient time, it will eliminate much of the bacteria that thrive there.

If you study Weston A. Price and his research, you find that infections in the mouth migrate to other areas of the body and cause all kinds of problems. So if you could eliminate the negative infections that thrive in the mouth, that would be a great relief to the rest of the body, as it tries to build and heal.

So what swishing with coconut oil actually does, is to greatly reduce the strain on the immune system. So, if along with swishing you are also living a lifestyle that boosts the immune system, it can really help the body attain a healthier level of existence.

The first thing that people usually notice when they start to swish with coconut oil, is the hygiene of the mouth is greatly improved. The teeth often become whiter, and the tongue is pinker. The gum health also improves. A week to a few weeks later, they will often start to notice other improvements in other areas of the body.

Swishing is an activity that I highly recommend. Even if you only improve the health of your gums, it will be helping with more things than you might imagine.

Give it a try, and let me know how your experience goes.


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