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I've received several inquiries about fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia at one time was often misdiagnosed. Even today it can be difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. You see, fibromyalgia isn't caused by a particular malfunctioning organ in the body. It isn't caused by a particular bug that can be passed around. As a matter of fact, we still don't really know what the root causes are.

Fibromyalgia is a collection of symptoms, with the most obvious being pain all over the body. There is also generally a mental fog and lack of energy. There is also nearly always a problem with getting a good night's sleep.

It is interesting to note that nearly all sufferers of fibromyalgia have had a significant event that caused them a lot of stress. So learning to deal with and relieve stress is very important.

Daily exercise is one of the most important treatments for this condition. This is generally difficult because it is painful to exercise. But exercise helps balance the systems of the body and is a major factor in being able to get a good night's sleep. Don't over-do the exercise, but work up very gradually until you are exercising about an hour a day. Vary the exercises so that you work all the muscles and joints of the body, in full range of motion, during each week.

  • It is important to eat nutritious, balancing foods.
  • Try to get plenty of fresh, raw foods.
  • It is also important to eat good fats.
  • Drinking plenty of good clean water is indispensable to healing.
  • Try to get to sleep 3 hours before midnight.

These are just some of the basics.

Jane Thompson has written a wonderful book on how to rid yourself of all the symptoms of fibromyalgia using safe and natural methods you can do in your own home.

It is called "Natural Cure To Fibromyalgia".

Imagine going through the day with boundless energy...
Imagine not having to feel that constant muscle pain ...
Imagine having a much sharper mental focus and capacity ...
Imagine being able to enjoy life, literally, socially, and physically ...

First and foremost, you will learn the natural Fibromyalgia treatment option that will eliminate your symptoms and have you feeling better in no time!

Jane tells you how to do this! AND she guarantees it!

To learn more GO HERE.

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